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Pasadena - Co-founder and Chief
Creative Officer Grant Delgatty is
manufacturing electric scooters that
fold up for easy storage, designed
with Millennials in mind.
Employees: 35
Manufacturing-wise, the challenge is "to keep costs down," he adds. "It's an expensive product
to make. You have to weigh out how much a customer is willing to pay. Does it make sense to
continue to manufacture in the U.S.?"
"We're in position where getting some kind of bigger influx of capital could get us to the next
level," says Delgatty. "We're looking at all possibilities."

Ventura - General Manager Timo
Lunceford is guiding the machine
shop to success in the medical
industry through precision and
Employees: 42
"We're working with some of our long-term customers with assemblies for
the tubing and nut connectors," says Lunceford. "We're about to take over more of that, and we
see a lot of potential growth. A lot of customers are now asking for turnkey products. They're
realizing that getting five components from us, then having to assemble it themselves, is costing
more than having us just ship them the completed part."
NEEDS: More automation to increase efficiency. "We're not replacing any employees," says
Lunceford. "We're just freeing them up to do more things that the robots can't do."


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