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President's Message
In my role as the new President for CMTA, I am

for customer input early

honored to represent the most dynamic manufacturing

in the manufacturing

economy in the country. I bring to this job a long

process. Programmable

history in manufacturing operations, trade association

robots, now affordable for

management and California legislative experience, but

most manufacturers, add

I will need all of you to help CMTA carry the powerful

flexibility and ensure high

manufacturing messages to state policymakers. In the

levels of quality control.
Ever longer supply-

months ahead I hope to see you at local meetings and
hear your concerns about legislation and regulations

chains to new regions

that matter to your operations in the state. Please join

of the state and country

me in wishing my predecessor, Dorothy Rothrock, the

will become more viable

best of luck in retirement and thank her for her service.

as communications and

This year's magazine is focusing on the modern

transportation options improve. Areas of the state not

supply chain. How fast can manufacturers design,

considered "industrial" in the past may now qualify for

produce, deliver, repair and replace their products? In

significant investments and job creation.

these pages we explore how innovations in the supply

Lawmakers should welcome the chance to

chain promise to give an extra boost to manufacturing

include new hubs of manufacturing growth in their


communities. We hope they encourage manufacturers

California is home to a highly diverse,

to take advantage of the new technologies and to adopt

interconnected manufacturing economy with

new models for employment, sustainable operations

thousands of small and medium sized firms, access

and consumer protection. Together we will see our

to raw materials, major international ports and huge

manufacturing "eco-system" provide the engine of

consumer markets. If speed matters, we should

growth to the California economy.
With your help, CMTA can support policies

be able to take manufactured goods from the idea
board to final assembly faster than anyone else in the

to ensure that the future is bright for California
manufacturing. I wish you prosperity and success in

developed world.
In the past, doing things faster was often at the cost

all your endeavors.

of risky, unsafe and highly defective rates of production.
That is changing.
Acceleration in manufacturing is fueled by
improvements in robotics and information technology.
Quicker information sharing can take precious hours
and minutes off the time it takes to adjust design or

Lance Hastings, New President of CMTA

production. Virtual imagery can catch flaws or allow

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