PCOC - Spring 2020 - 41


Guardian Protection Force, Inc.
President Garrett Thomas of Guardian Protection Force, Inc.
talks about the importance of safety for the pest control industry.
1.	 Your company provides security
related services. What security
issues might a pest control business encounter?
Guardian Protection Force, Inc. (GPF)
provides an array of security related
services to a cross section of Industries.
Of potential interest to PCOs would be
our services that provide;
*	 Employment background check
services. We provide cost effective background check services for
PCOs to ensure compliance with
state licensing requirements. As
Value Members of PCOC, we offer
the membership special reduced
pricing for our services. Our typical
background check services have
a 5 business day turnaround from
order date.
*	 Workplace Violence Prevention
Program course certification.
GPF provides a comprehensive
Workplace Violence Prevention
Program that provides PCOC with
critical information to protect your
company against workplace violence incidents. Your company
and your workers are exposed to
workplace violence every time they
deploy to the field and operate in
residential and commercial environments. Providing Workplace
Violence Prevention Training to
reduce or mitigate risk to employers, employees and clients provides potential benefits including:
❍	Reduced risk of physical harm

❍	Reduced

risk of financial/legal
adverse actions
❍	 Potential liability insurance premium reductions
*	 Workers compensation investigations. GPF provides comprehensive investigations to
workers compensation claims to
ensure legitimacy
*	 Patrol services. GPF provides a
variety of patrol related services
specifically aligned to your company needs.
2.	 Why is it important for a pest control operator to be thinking about
security in this industry?
GPF understands clearly that all
operating businesses face potential
adverse legal action. Having security
related services and programs in place
to deter adverse action provides many
benefits. Unfortunately, California is
ranked first as the most litigious state
in the nation, according to American
Tort Reform Association (ATRA) statistics. As a business owner, adverse legal
action can dramatically effect business
operations like costly legal defense fees
and brand reputation damage. Having
security services and programs in place
provide a measure of defense against
these adverse actions.
3.	 What's the best career advice you
ever received or what tips would
you give to someone who just
started a pest control company?
From our perspective as a security
services firm, we believe that setting
in place policies, programs and strategies that reduce overall operating risk
to employees, employers and customers is vitally important. Implementing
comprehensive background check services can provide your company with
information that will help ensure you're
not employing "at risk" employees.

Also implementing a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention
Program will educate all employees and
employers in providing an overall safer
work environment.
4.	 How did you become involved with
PCOC and what do you value most
as a PCOC member?
GFS became involved with PCOC so
that we could work with PCOs to reduce
their overall operating risks. It's been our
experience that educating the industry
on the value of security programs can
both reduce risk of adverse legal action
but also provide potential operating cost
reductions by reducing insurers risk and
corresponding premiums.
5.	What do you see as the major
issues facing PCOs - now and
in the future?
As experts in the California security industry, Guardian Protection
Force, Inc. believes that ongoing
ever-expanding legislative action presents increasing challenges for the PCO
industry. We are currently following legislative action in Sacramento and will
expect shortly that Cal OSHA and the
Department of Labor will institute mandatory Workplace Violence Prevention
Training Program implementation to all
industry sectors. Currently, the healthcare industry is the only sector requiring mandatory it.
For more information contact
Garrett Thomas. President of Guardian
Protection Force, Inc. at 866-921-9484
or gthomas@gpfsecuritycorp.com



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