PCOC - Spring 2020 - 7


A New Decade,
A New Chance to Get Involved
By Mike McKenzie
PCOC President


Welcome to the Roaring Twenties! As
a new decade begins I wanted to take
a look back at where we have been
and also a look forward to where
we are headed as an industry. Our
industry has a rich history with so
many wonderful stories to tell.
Before we get in to industry topics,
let's take a stroll down memory lane.
Do you remember pay phones?
Did you have a CB radio? Did you
give you employees a calling card?
What about a pager or, even better,
a two way pager? Was your main
source of advertising the yellow
pages? Do you remember life before
computers, cellular phones, texting
and social media?
Technology has truly impacted how
we do business today. Our technology
and society has rapidly changed in
the past few decades. Do you realize
the first cellular phone was introduced
37 years ago costing $4,000? Amazon
began their business 26 years ago.
Facebook started 16 years ago,
LinkedIn 18 years, and Yelp 16 years.
But what does any of this have to do
with pest control?
In the recent years, everything
surrounding our business has
changed. Marketing strategies,
routing and scheduling, training,
service delivery and customer
knowledge are a few key areas of
the business climate change we are
experiencing. We are in a day in time
where if you blink, you run the risk of
falling behind the competition. With
the amount of data at our fingertips it

is impossible to keep doing what we
have always done.
I am here to tell you, the future of
pest control is here! I am thrilled with
where we are currently and where
we are headed as an industry. At
PCOC, our membership continues to
grow. The need for community and
employee development within our
industry seems to be at an all-time
high. Why is this important for you? As
a member of PCOC you have access
to the cutting edge of technology,
marketing strategies, training and
development and service delivery.
With added training and development
opportunities in the past year, we
are working to deliver on our mission
statement: Through environmental
stewardship and legislative
advocacy, we protect people,
property and our food supply.
I firmly believe if we focus on the
development of our people, we will
be able to accomplish our mission.
Our staff at PCOC has been working
diligently with industry partners
to develop new development
opportunities for our members
and industry.
Recently, we completed our Pest
Ed series in three locations: Long
Beach, Concord and Citrus Heights.
The attendance and curriculum for
these events was the best I have
experienced. In addition to Pest Ed,
we recently completed our first Termite
Academy. Termite Academy was a
great experience where academia and
industry partnered to create an event
that has never been experienced in
our state. Not to mention, West Coast
Rodent Academy. WCRA continues to
be a great learning experience for all
who attend.

Our next major events are PCOC's
Legislative Days. This event will
be in Sacramento in April from the
13-15. Legislative Days is one of the
most critical events we host on an
annual basis. This event is a chance
for YOUR voice to be heard by the
state elected representatives. If
you have never attended PCOC's
Legislative Days, please consider
attending this year, you will not
be disappointed.
Just after Legislative Days, we have
our Leadership Academy scheduled
for April 26-27. In the past, Leadership
has primarily focused on developing
district leadership by teaching them
to lead a district. We have added
a one-day workshop that is open
to anyone who wishes to attend.
*Subject to availability
The first day of Leadership Academy
will consist of true leadership
training. The curriculum is called
(un)containable leadership and
focuses around six major c's principles
of leadership: character, competency,
capacity, clarity, community and
culture. The workshop will be delivered
by accomplished leadership trainer
and author Dr. Garland Vance.
I believe this event will deliver above
expectations for all in attendance.
Last but certainly not least is our
2020 Expo. This year's theme is
Did I mention that our industry
is changing? If you want to stay
ahead of the competition, this is the
event for you! The event is chalked
full of development opportunities,
technology developments, product
enhancements and community.
I look forward to seeing YOU at
one (or all) of the events!



PCOC - Spring 2020

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Details About the Future of Pest Control Expo
Surviving a Technology Conversion: 10 Tech Upgrade Tips for Smooth Sailing
Pesticide Research Must Stay Transparent and Independent
New Technology to Control Pests with Precision-Guided Genetics
NPMA Federal Update
State Capitol Report
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