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New York pest management company stands out against the
crowd by using Heat Assault to treat bed bugs

Guy Schaefer's four-person crew at
Skyway Pest Management Inc. rivals
the large-scale pest management
companies throughout Long Island,
N.Y., because of their ability to offer
efficient heat treatment for bed bugs.
Schaefer, owner and founder of
Skyway Pest, says the Heat Assault
500X helps his company offer a one-of-a-kind treatment.
The exclusivity of the heat treatment has allowed Schaefer
to subcontract bed bug jobs from other companies in his
surrounding area who can't or don't want to invest in the
"I feel like I'm a top-of-the-line company," he says. "I
have something that none of the big companies in my area
have, including some of the big franchises."
Schaefer is so confident in Heat Assault, he invites
other pest management professionals (PMPs) to come see
how it works out in the field. "Every now and then there's
another PMP who's interested in a unit, so Heat Assault
will call me to talk to the potential buyer," he says. "A lot of
times, I offer the PMPs to come and take a look at what I'm
doing with the unit when I'm at an actual treatment site."
He says most of the other New York companies that
offer heat treatment for bed bugs use heating units that
take at least three hours to get up to kill temperature. The
Heat Assault, on the other hand, can get to kill temperature
significantly faster. "The biggest thing I like about it: I can
get an entire structure to 120°F to 130°F within the first 45
minutes," he says.
The Heat Assault 500X is an all-black trailer, about
15 feet long, that uses forced convection technology to
produce a high rate of temperature gain. "I have a black
truck, and the trailer is all black, so it is discreet and
private, which people love," Schaefer says. "The neighbors
and people walking by have no clue what we're doing."
Schaefer says the Heat Assault doesn't require
maintenance, besides normal oil changes on the generator.
Most importantly, the enormous amount of equipment that
comes out of the machine - a lot of hoses, heaters and
fans - is lightweight.
"I'm just happy I put the money into Heat Assault," he
says. "I think it was a smart investment."

Schaefer says every job is a challenge in one way or
another. But with the Heat Assault 500X, a room or building
can be back to normal that day.
For example, Schaefer works with some senior living
centers that don't want chemicals to be used, and they
need access to the rooms almost immediately. With the
Heat Assault, Schaefer is able get heat into everything:
books, papers, clothes, blankets and more.
One of the first big bed bug jobs Schaefer and his crew
tackled after getting the Heat Assault was at a senior living
center with 29 bedrooms, a dining room and a living room.
"Treatment took four days, but we actually solved the
problem," he says. "They had been dealing with bed bugs
for seven years."


http://www.heat-assault.com http://www.Heat-Assault.com

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