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applying our materials. We need to invite
non-member companies to our association
meetings and show them all that we are doing
to protect their industry. Then we need to
give them a reason to stay and become part
of the solution.
We must also join together to educate our
legislators and regulators. I am so proud
of our Board of Directors for unanimously
approving a dues increase in April of this
year which partly goes toward an increase
in PAPCO funding. Yeah, I know, most of
us don't like politics, but our contributions
are necessary for us to get a seat at the table
to discuss the issues that affect our industry.
This is an important step in increasing our
unified voice.
PCOC: What are your goals as
president of PCOC and what vision
do you have for leading the association?
Bullert: I would like to see our association
grow and thrive. We need to increase our
membership which allows us to continue to
protect our industry. We will increase membership by providing increased value to our
members. I recently met with leaders in our
association and discussed ways to provide
more to our membership.
You are likely reading this after returning
from	the	2016	Expo	in	Hawaii.	You	may	have	
noticed a few things that were different. We
planned this Expo to be more exciting than
those in recent years. We worked hard to bring
you improvements in food and format. In addition to many familiar faces, you may have
noticed some of our partner pest control operators	from	the	Hawaii	Pest	Control	Association	
attending	our	Training	and	Exhibit	Hall.	We	
also added a new 50/50 draw at the expo to
add some suspense to the evening.
In 2017, we want the EXPO at Disneyland
to be the biggest and best ever! We are working to add a technician training day to the
format. This will give more opportunities
to add value to our member companies and
help them develop their employees. Perhaps,
there will be more excitement at the 2017
Expo, such as a behind-the-scenes pest management tour, or you may even see Mickey
Mouse at the exhibit hall.
Look for other unique events in the
next year: educational opportunities that
can only be found at PCOC that will help
your business grow. This is how we are
going to attract the next generation of Pest
Control Professionals and excite our current

membership to increase participation at the
district and state level.
PCOC: You've been a Director
since 2002. What motivates you
to become involved in PCOC?
Bullert: Pest control is the trade that I have
chosen. I am passionate about our association
because, I plan to be in this industry for the
next 30 or so years. I believe in what we do. I
plan to leave my business to my children and
grandchildren. I feel an obligation to my community to offer them a service that they can
utilize to protect their families from pests that
carry harmful diseases and to protect their
homes and businesses from destructive pests.
I see the hard work that is put in by all
of the committee chairs, task force leaders,
district officers, affiliates, and the members
that strive to make us better. I know that
members and non-members alike depend
on us to walk across L Street in Sacramento
to meet with our elected officials to discuss
matters affecting our industry. They depend
on us and we depend on them.
That's why I know that a strong association is the key to our future. We must come
together and call on all of our strengths to
increase our membership to preserve our
industry in California.

PCOC: Tell us something most
people don't know about you or
would be surprised to learn?
Bullert: I love challenges. The greatest sense of accomplishment comes from
achieving something difficult. I have enjoyed
the challenges and opportunities that I have
experienced so far and I look forward to
working with all of you to help improve
our association.
In recent years and in the months to come
there will be changes in PCOC. Some will be
noticeable and some will not. As you know,
we are switching to a cash basis of accounting,
which will provide a more accurate depiction
of the financial health of the association. We
will be working hard to improve the procedures and policies within the PCOC office to
improve how we serve our members. We will
find ways to be more relevant and provide the
support that you deserve. I want to see our
association come together to reach our goals
now and in the future.
I am so proud to serve on the Executive
Committee for the last 5 years. I have served
with many exceptional gentlemen. Each of
them have served tirelessly behind the scenes
for the betterment of the association. I look
forward to the year ahead and representing
you as your President.

Mike	and	his	wife	Bekki	of	21	years,	live	in	Red	Bluff,	California	with	their	four	
children Kaylin, Emily, Megan, and Zach.

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