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laws do come into effect, PCOC analyzes how those laws might
affect pest management businesses, and it provide members with
the up-to-date information needed to stay on top of them.
"I was introduced to PCOC while attending its Legislative Day
over 10 years ago," says Tom Graston, Branch Manager at Clark
Pest	Control's	service	center	in	Vacaville. "I	met	several	actively	
involved pest professionals that day who were making a difference
in our industry, and I wanted to be part of the solution instead of
sitting back and complaining."
Clark Pest Control personnel have a long history of involvement
with	PCOC.	The	most	recent	past	president	of	PCOC,	Robert	Baker,	
who	served	in	2014-15,	is	VP	of	Operations	at	Clark.	Many	of	the	
company's managers have served, or are currently serving, at PCOC
in varying capacities. Some of them even have worked directly at
PCOC	in	the	past.	Eric	Paulsen	currently	serves	as	Risk	Manager	at	
Clark Pest Control; he is based at the company's corporate campus
in Lodi, but he's also held positions in risk management at PCOC.
For member companies that are looking to access various riskmanagement solutions, PCOC offers group rates on insurance
policies for members, including medical, dental and life insurance,
plus property and casualty protection. As pest management professionals themselves, PCOC understands the needs of people who
own small- and medium-sized businesses, especially those in this
industry. Its plans include workers' compensation, comprehensive
general liability, fire protection for buildings and equipment, pollution coverage, errors and omissions, and employers' liability,
along with bonding. Another PCOC feature is Med-Net, through
which PCOC's network of physician-toxicologists are reachable via
a pesticide hotline. Med-Net is available 24 hours a day to answer
medical	questions	about	pesticides	-	which	sometimes	can	turn	
out to be a real lifesaver.
Clark Pest Control today is fortunate to be able to provide continuing education to its employees, but PCOC also has a way for
all of its members to stay current with the continuing education
requirements for their SPCB licensees via its password-protected
Members Only site, which provides access to classes online to
help fulfill requirements.
Clark personnel often can be found at PCOC's annual conventions, which offer exposure to fresh ideas and the newest technologies in the pest management industry from the speakers and
exhibitors brought in to speak and show. PCOC's monthly district
meetings also offer opportunities for continuing education. And
there's educational seminars on specialized areas of knowledge
that become need-to-know items for the California pest management professional which come with certification.
PCOC's publications, including this quarterly magazine and a
monthly newsletter, News Briefs, are read by many people at Clark
Pest Control, in management and in the field. The books, reference
manuals, brochures, and other publications that PCOC offers also
are widely used. And having PCOC as a go-to center for expert
advice	-	on	inspection	reporting,	reporting	requirements,	pest	
applications, state-mandated information, continuing education
requirements,	Department	of	Transportation	requirements,	OSHA	
requirements,	and	more	-	makes	managing	the	details	of	doing	
business a lot easier.
All the above is important, but it's what PCOC does as a
group that really makes a difference for us as California pest

management professionals. Who goes to bat for us when legislators
in Sacramento start pitching bad laws and more red tape? PCOC
does, with lobbyists who work hard to protect our industry from
unfair laws and over-regulation. Who girds up for battle when
some legislature pushes a bill that would require costly pesticide
notification before every application of materials? Who works
hard to stop legislation that would prohibit the same company
that performs a WDO inspection from doing the work recommended in the inspection report? PCOC. And when lawmakers
come back with the same bill for a second or third try, PCOC is
there to hold the line.
"Membership to PCOC helps us as an industry," says Darren
Van	Steenwyk,	Clark	Pest	Control's	Technical	Director,	"because	
it unites our voice to those inside and outside of the pest management industry. As a group, we are much stronger than individuals
trying	to	accomplish	the	same	goals...Every	voice	counts	when	we	
speak together, and I am proud to be a part of a group that allows
my voice to be heard."
At Clark Pest Control, we are deeply grateful to have PCOC
working as the voice for the pest management professional
inside the State Capitol in Sacramento. We understand and appreciate how hard PCOC works to protect the credibility of our
industry, the safety of our customers, and the fairness and sanity of the laws that govern how pest management is performed
in California.
That's why we are proud to be active members, and that's why
we want you to know how important and valuable membership
can be for you.


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