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firm Profile

Cliff's Pest Control
Cliff Utley has grown into industry
leader, and successfully carried family
business to new heights
How did the company get started
and what have been your roles in
the business?
Cliff's Pest Control re-started in 1971
by	Clifford	Utley.	Cliff	and	Mary	Utley	
ran Cliff's Pest Control together. I got my
applicator license in 1989 so I could spend
more time with Dad when he worked on
Saturdays. In 1992 I came to work at Cliff's
Pest Control as a technician. From 1993 to
1997,	I	acquired	my	Field	Representative	
license	and	Branch	2	&	DPR	QAL	license.	
In 1997, I purchased Cliff's Pest Control
from	my	parents,	Cliff	and	Mary	Utley.	
In	2000,	I	acquired	my	Field	BR3	license.	
Also, in 2000 Cliff's Pest Control added
termite and I acquired my operators Branch
3 license.

business such as pigeon, gopher and bee
work. I enjoy the pest control business, and
the interaction with customers and being
able to solve difficult pest issues.

What is your background, and what
first got you involved in the pest
control industry?
Prior to working in the pest control business,	I	worked	for	the	Santa	Fe	Railway	for	
21 years as a sheet metal worker and pipe
fitter. In 1991 Santa Fe moved the shop from
San Bernardino to Topeka, Kansas. At that
time we decided to stay in California, and
my parents asked if I would like to help
run Cliff's Pest Control and purchase the
company from them when they retire.

How did you become involved with
PCOC and why are you a member?
I became involved in PCOC because
Mary, my Mom, was involved in the San
Bernardino,	Riverside	PCOC	District.	After	
a few meetings, I realized that although we
are very competitive in the pest control business when we are away from our business
we have a lot of comrade. At first it started
out with me looking for answers about the
business and getting help from more experienced members. Now I am an older member
and can share my experience and ideas with
newer members. Being a member of PCOC
has had many benefits that have allowed
me to share in the organization and learn
from experts in the business, including the
vendors. PCOC has given me opportunities
to be a Director of the State Board since
1997. I have served 9 ½ years as a licensed
member	 (appointed	 by	 the	 governor	 of	
California) on the Structural Pest Control
Board. It has allowed me to be a trustee of
the Scholarship Committee, the Insurance
Committee and the Parliamentarian for the
State Board of Directors.

The company has been around
since 1971. What achievements are
you most proud of accomplishing
with your business, and what keeps
you motivated?
I have been able to grow the company
approximately seven fold since 1997 to present. This growth was also through the very
difficult economic times of 2007-2012. I
also added multiple niche categories in the

What do you see as the major issues
facing PCOs - now and in the future?
Issues with pesticide and anti-pesticide
activists now and in the future are a major
concern in the pest control industry. First
and foremost, the pest control industry
needs to continue to be proactive in best
management practices and use of pesticides.	However,	the	anti-pesticide	activists will continue to use scare tactics and
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non-science proven facts to support their
cause. It is in our best interest to be ready
for anything coming down the pipeline.
Your offer a vast array of pest control
service. What are the pros and cons
for having such diversification in
a business?
The pro is the extra revenue sources and
the cons would be having limited manpower
in a specific line of work. Also, cross training technicians in the different classifications of work.


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State Capitol Report Views from Sacramento
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Firm Profile Cliff’s Pest Control
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