PCOC - Summer 2016 - 7

president's Message

PCOC: Building Opportunities,
Adding Value
By Mike Bullert
2016-2017 President

I am proud to serve you as President of PCOC. This great association has roots that reach back over
84 years. Many great men and women have served this association before me. I have met many new
people since I joined the association in 2002. What has surprised me the most is that although we are
competitors, every member that I have met has selflessly offered their knowledge and experience to help
me improve. I would not be who I am today without PCOC. This is why I feel obligated to do my best to
continue to improve and grow this great association.
Our association is strong and our industry
is strong, but we need to grow our membership in order to continue to accomplish our
mission. Our mission is to provide the finest services and support to our membership
so that our member companies will grow
and prosper. We must find ways to provide
increased value to our members.
We do a good job providing educational
topics that are technically oriented. There
are also many other sources that provide
technical resources. The unique training
niche that we can offer is training on other
business topics that are specific to running
a pest control business in California. In a
recent PCOC Brain Storming event, we
discussed some of these training topics. I
would like to see PCOC create an ongoing educational series with topics that cannot be found anywhere else. Some of these
topics may include: business management,
risk management, optimizing your insurance, understanding financials, financing
asset purchases, developing a business plan,
completing chemical use reports, successful
business practices, writing termite reports,
human resources, employee development,
sales management and test preparation to
name a few. By providing these training
opportunities to our members, we become
the source of knowledge and expertise for
our industry. This will increase membership

I would like to see PCOC create an ongoing educational
series with topics that cannot be found anywhere else.
as they will find increased value in the types
of training that we provide.
As we find ourselves evolving into the
electronic age, time for face-to-face interaction is increasingly precious. The way to
ensure attendance at our meetings and events
is to provide value. We can let our membership know what to expect by getting out
an agenda in advance of our meetings and
then remind them of what was accomplished
by following up on action plans. We must
continue to add more opportunities for our
members to engage and interact in meaningful ways. I plan to create more opportunities
for members and non-members to see the
value in our association. We will leverage
the strengths and expertise of our members
and affiliates to get the best out of our association. Through increased involvement, our
association will grow.
Our numbers are important. At legislative day this year, I was reminded of one
huge reason to support PCOC. We were
very close to losing most rodenticides in
California. Could you imagine the threat to
human health caused by a dramatic increase
in rodent populations? Through a concerted
effort with PCOC and NPMA, we were able
www.pcoc.org / Summer 2016


to fend off the attack on our industry this
time. Where will the attack come from next?
We need to be prepared. PCOC does so much
to protect our ability to operate our businesses in California. This is why we need to
continue to strengthen PAPCO and increase
our membership.
Going forward, much of the growth of
PCOC will come from smaller-sized companies. These are the companies that represent the majority of new companies in
our state and these companies may grow
into larger companies in the future. Our
challenge will be to provide value to these
companies when they are starting out on
their business path. We have the opportunity to help them prosper. We must find
ways to reach them. My challenge to you
is to invite them to a district meeting and
show them all the wonderful reasons to be
part of this association.
If you have any suggestions on ways that
we can improve PCOC, please contact me
personally at mike@bigtimepestcontrol.com
or call (530) 242-8830.
Thank you for choosing me as your
President. I look forward to this exciting year!


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