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insurance Get the Facts Before They Get You! Accident Investigations & Employee Safety By Paul M. Lindsay, Principal and Senior Vice President EPIC Brokers, for the PCOC Insurance Program Shame, blame, and regret are insidious agents of memory loss and distortion. Culpability and fear of consequences quickly clouds the scene of an accident. Shock, injury, and mayhem vary wildly in proportion to the severity and suddenness of an incident. Then, weaving in human frailties with fraud and dishonesty, it is no small wonder that five people witnessing or being involved in an accident may produce five dramatically different recollections of the calamity. This article focuses on mitigating an immediate loss and eliminating future losses through accident investigations. This essential tool will provide the facts that enable you, your team, medical providers and adjusters to make sound and fair decisions. Furthermore, this tool helps to shut down fraud, greed and predatory attorneys. Operating from a factbased position gives you a decided edge in forging a positive resolution. How Investigations Can Improve Safety Serious sleuthing after a workplace injury can not only help you discover the cause of a specific injury but can also uncover hidden workplace hazards. After an accident occurs, your first priority should be to get appropriate treatment for the injured worker. Immediately afterward, you must take steps to prevent additional accidents from occurring. www.pcoc.org / Fall 2015 21 However, like at a crime scene, you will want to make sure you don't disturb any evidence of what could have led to the accident before you have time to investigate - move quickly! What Does a Successful Investigation Uncover? * The person or persons injured along with their stated injuries as of that moment * Direct cause(s) of the injury or accident * Peripheral and interrelated causes of the incident * Results and impact of the accident - a 360 degree perspective * Indirect and direct costs of the incident on wages, retraining, time lost, and reduced production * Ways to prevent similar incidents * Ways to promote safety and safe work methods Discovering these facts requires a prompt and thorough investigation. Interview witnesses, other workers performing similar jobs or using the equipment - what were the direct causes of the accident? What were the indirect causes? What is the history of mishaps or near-misses in that department or among similar employees? What were the actual versus expected activities when the accident occurred? Let witnesses use their own words, and then repeat their stories back to them to ensure mutual understanding. Take and keep comprehensive http://pcoc.org/

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