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state capitol Report Do You Feel the Sunshine? By Dominic DiMare, Legislative Advocate Welcome to summer break. Those are the infamous words we keep hearing around the State Capitol this month. However, by the time you read this article, we might be experiencing another type of season in Sacramento. If the weather predictions for California are correct, El Nino will be intensifying and could rival the strongest fires, floods, rain storms in recorded history. Reports state that El Nino will make California's weather more like the East Coast. In the meantime, let us give you a recap of what's going on in sunny Sacramento during the legislative summer break. Legislators are enjoying time in their respective district with their constituents; some are even doing a classic game of Legislator Swap. Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez and David Chiu have announced their plan to "swap" districts during the last week of July. Assemblymember Gomez will learn what it's like being an Assemblymember from San Francisco and vice versa for Chiu in Los Angeles. Both members plan to meet the mayors, local politicians, business owners and each other's constituents during their swap. We expect to hear the legislator's experiences via social media. From our last article, we informed you that the May Revise would be announced and negotiations with Gov. Jerry Brown and legislators would take place. As of June 15, the budget passed with a new spending plan which includes a $115.4-billion general fund which took effect July 1st. It is a compromise between Gov. Brown and Democratic lawmakers, who were able to secure increased funds for some government services, though not as much as they wanted. The Public Policy Institute of California reports that our spending increased above the levels approved by the Legislature in June 2014. The 2015-16 budget represents a $7.4 billion increase, over that preMay revisions in the 2014-15 spending plan. The areas that received the most increase were K-12, preschool and higher education. As a result, public K-12 schools and community colleges receive a total of $68.4 billion in state funds and local property taxes in 2015-16. This includes a $6 billion increase for the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). The LCFF which was approved in 2013, supplies K-12 schools with base grants plus extra funds for targeted student groups. State community colleges get about $800 million to cover 3 percent growth in student attendance, higher base funding, and additional student support services. Preschool and child care spending rises $220 million with the goal of creating 16,000 new slots and boosting the per-pupil funding levels. Last but not least, the University of California budget rose 8 percent, including an additional $119.5 million for general expenses and $122 million for one-time retirement and facility costs. The California State University system also received an 8 percent increase. The CSUs will receive $225 million for base costs and enrollment growth, and $25 million for one-time facility costs. The budget assumes no general tuition or fee increases, which was the result of a struck with legislative leaders earlier in the year with the UC's. In the healthcare world, starting May 2015, low-income children age 18 or younger can receive Medi-Cal health benefits regardless of their immigration status, at a projected cost of $40 million for the first two months. An additional $16.8 million in state funds is set aside for undocumented adults who register for deportation relief, provided that the courts uphold President Obama's recent immigration executive order. The budget also includes $15 million in legal assistance for those covered by the President's order. Think this budget increases funding? When it comes to reinstating funding for certain services, and fulfilling obligations set forth by the federal government, the answer is yes. But, the budget www.pcoc.org / Fall 2015 24 http://pcoc.org/

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