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firm Profile North American Home Services Charles Lanman stays focused and committed to business excellence How did the company get started and what have been your roles in the business? North American Home Services (NAHS), formerly North American Termite and Pest Control, originated over 30 years ago as a family-operated organization providing limited pest control services in the Sacramento area. In 2001, looking for an opportunity to change career direction, I purchased NAHS with the immediate objective of creating a higher benchmark in the pest control industry. Over the last 15 years, we've built specialized systems focused in Leadership, Management, Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Operations and Finances with the goal of establishing Loyal Customers. This focus, essential to our success, has enabled us to grow to be a premier leader in the industry. What is your background, and what first got you involved in the pest control industry? After graduating St. Mary's College in 1991, I landed in Major Account Management with multi-billion dollar communication companies. I spent 10 years exploring the processes contributing to the success of these companies. When purchasing NAHS, my knowledge of this industry was limited, but I was confident the management skills I'd acquired would enable me to transition NAHS to leadership status in this industry. The first couple years were challenging. We encountered many problems striving to grow, but staying committed to our vision allowed NAHS to move from adolescence to maturity. through teamwork, creativity, and personal career opportunity is paramount to reaching revenue goals. Keeping your quality employees is a major accomplishment. Critical to this goal is discerning the "givers" from the "takers" during the hiring process. My motivation is driven through developing and broadening leadership skills. Quality leadership facilitates personal growth, employee growth and company growth. It frees you to focus on the positive aspects of your business, not the negative. As PCOs we have all experienced adverse situations that hinder productivity. Recently, I have become inspired by the success stories of prominent business leaders and authors. The way people do business is constantly evolving, and there is a wealth of knowledge accessible to those interested. The challenge is transitioning new or unconventional concepts into your organization. How did you become involved with PCOC and why are you a member? In 2001, NAHS was already a member of the PCOC, and will continue to be. Over the last 15 years we've experienced the value the PCOC provides for PCOs. The information PCOC provides has proved invaluable, especially pertaining to the latest laws affecting our industry, the impact that it has on legislation through their lobbyists, and the support offered relative to the Department What achievements are you most proud of accomplishing with your business, and what keeps you motivated? In the early years, achievement was measured in the form of our exponential growth. While important, I learned that establishing a quality business environment for employees while promoting company participation www.pcoc.org / Fall 2015 27 of Pesticide Regulation. For example, a significant portion of NAHS' revenue comes from WDO Inspection Reports findings, or "Repairs." The fact that PCOC has blocked legislation prohibiting the same company from both inspecting and providing repairs has had a huge bearing on where NAHS is today. Without the PCOC, the landscape of this industry in the state of California would be very different. The PCOC also provides a community where PCOs can work with their peers, versus against them. In the early years, looking for guidance, I contacted some of the prominent members of the Big Valley District to understand more about the pest control industry. The business relationships developed then, still thrive today. What do you see as the major issues facing PCOs - now and in the future? Critical to NAHS' advancement, is the progress in our GPC division. Impending rules and laws that regulate what pesticides we can apply and how we apply them are major issues facing PCOs annually. California is often viewed as a challenging place to operate a business, and from a legislative perspective PCOs are perpetually a law away from a major blow to how we conduct business relative to pesticide application. From an operational perspective, OSHA, EPA, Workman Compensation, Labor http://pcoc.org/

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