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president's Message Study Guides for Exams Closer to a Reality By Matt Evans 2015-2016 President The backbone of any organization is the dedication and effort of the people that run it. PCOC is no exception. That ethos and spirit was on display at the Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB) meeting in Ontario. For a bit of historical context, the exam procedure for Applicator and Field Representative licenses has had a troubled past. Exams were frequently compromised when test were administered using booklets and "scantron" forms. PCOC repeatedly petitioned the Structural Pest Control Board to move to computer-based testing to eliminate fraud and cheating. That finally came to fruition a couple years ago. It was a big win for the industry and consumers alike, as there are no gaps in testing to get qualified technicians into the field. As with most things in life, one problem solved means two more pop up - enter the exam writing and preparation procedure. Robert Baker, immediate past president of PCOC, identified the problem of the lack of concise study material and very low passing rates. He encouraged the SPCB to approve the concept of allowing a study guide to be written to prepare applicants for the exams. After much discussion, PCOC got the green light to move forward on the study guide. Current PCOC Treasurer Baron Macdonald took on this challenge. he waded through the literal mountain of books that were listed by the SPCB as study resources for Field Representative exams. He identified one book, Trumann's Scientific Guide to Pest Management, as the best book to recommend to the SPCB to use for both developing test questions and for applicants to study to prepare them to take the exam. PCOC Board of Directors approved this at our Expo in June and directed the Executive Committee to present this to the SPCB at its next meeting. Martyn Hopper, members of the Executive Committee and other past presidents attended the SPCB meeting in July in Ontario. After much discussion and input from the public, including PCOC, the SPCB asked that this be put on the agenda for the next SPCB meeting in October to hopefully finalize the study guide and to whittle down the number of resources that test questions are based upon. Although a bit frustrated by the time this process is taking, we know that the end result is worth the effort. PCOC is able to be so involved in this process and steer the discussion because of the dedication of its members who volunteer their time and resources for the betterment of the industry. That spirit of sacrifice and volunteer work leads to my next point: the need for participation in test writing workshops. The SPCB conducts workshops to develop test questions for the exams. No doubt you have seen these invitation letters from the SPCB addressed to you and your licensed employees. The SPCB NEEDS applicators and field representatives at these workshops so they can get real-world experience and advice from people in the www.pcoc.org / Fall 2015 7 field to develop and write test questions. As with most industries, the intersection of book smarts and street smarts is where the most knowledge about a particular field of study comes from. The SPCB really needs applicators and field representatives to participate in these workshops. This is going to require a bit of a sacrifice on the part of business owners and managers. Although the participant will receive an honorarium, lodging and transportation reimbursement, the company may lose a day of production. To all of you who have allowed your employees to participate in these workshops, thank you. For those who haven't, please consider it. Your technicians will feel an immense amount of pride in the process, and you will have been a link in the chain of bringing up the next generation of licensed applicators and field representatives for the pest control industry. Thank you again for allowing me to be your president. It's an honor to lead an organization so heavily based on volunteer help. http://pcoc.org/

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