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Building a Sales Culture in Your Business Everyone's in Sales By Todd Cohen If you're reading this, then you are in sales. Everyone is part of a sales culture, whether you are in the "C" suite, or a member of the legal or administrative department; whether you own your business or are the receptionist in a Fortune 500 company. A sales culture means that everyone's in sales. Does this mean that all employees have to stop doing what they are doing and make some cold calls? Nope. A sales culture means that each and every employee -regardless of title or tenure-understands that they have a profound impact on a customer's decision to say "yes." Put simply, everyone's in sales because everyone needs to sell themselves well to succeed! Every Conversation and Interaction We Have Is an Opportunity to Sell Our Skills, Knowledge, Ideas or Ourselves Every single conversation is a bona-fide selling moment. Those conversations are the opportunity to make an impression that begins to build or continue a relationship. There is no such thing as a lost conversation or one that does not count. Every single interaction you have means you have about 7-10 seconds to engage someone in a way that makes them want to know more or continue the conversation. Once this is understood and thought of proactively you can comprehend that you are constantly selling yourself. There are two types of sales people: the ones who self-identify as being in sales and everyone else. These people are the "non- professional sales person" (NPSP). People are exercising the basics of sales far more often than they think. From lawyers to the owners of the local fast food restaurant- they are all in sales. Then there are the people in companies who need to sell something internally. One common example that comes to mind is someone engaged in research and has a great idea that needs funding to make it happen. It has to be sold to the bosses! You've all used and heard the term "it has to be sold" or "we need buy in" when referring to something internal to your companies or in your personal lives. Regardless of how you see yourself, here is the point that needs to be firmly and www.pcoc.org / Winter 2015 24 unequivocally understood. Telling people that they are in sales usually provokes two types of reactions. The first being "Yep, I agree." The second reaction is "nope, not me-'m not in sales." The latter is sometimes said with a slightly confused gaze, but the intent is there. Everyone is exercising the fundamentals of sales far more often than they think. It is also a fact that some non-professional sales people will vehemently deny this entire concept because in some way there is a fear that being thought of as having to "sell" is not something they have to do. The older guard of the NPSP's did not have to sell as we think of it today. Business came by referral and word of mouth. Oh, the times have changed! http://www.pcoc.org

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Building a Sales Culture in Your Business Everyone’s in Sales
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