PCOC - Winter 2019 - 15

"All's well that ends well."
- William Shakespeare
policy preferences of PCOC was AB 468
(Muratsuchi) a bill that would have
restricted the use of lawn care products
on school sites. Working with our allies
and other stakeholders, we were able to
stop this bill in the house of origin policy
committee. This is another bill that we
can anticipate being re-introduced. If and
when it does make a comeback, PCOC
will be there to work with the author and
others to make sure that there is a full
and complete understanding of the role
that PCOC has played in crafting the
California Healthy Schools Act which is
supposed to be the guiding framework
for the use of pesticides on schools.
Threats to the PCOC agenda are
not limited to the Legislature. PCOC
is working with other stakeholders on
ensuring the continued use of Sulfuryl
Fluoride which is under attack from the
environmental community and scrutiny from the new Administration. We
have worked throughout the year to
build a coalition in support of maintaining the use of Sulfuryl Fluoride for
use as an effective fumigant. Working
with our allies, we have enlisted the
support of realtors, mortgage brokers,
apartment owners and others with an
interest in preserving the use of this
material for fumigations.
Given that we are in the early years
of a new administration, we can anticipate robust efforts to limit and ban the
use of important materials such as
SGARs, Sulfuryl Fluoride and others.
The Newsom Administration took early
aim at chlorpyrifos and in early October
announced the ban of the popular agricultural chemical by the end of 2020.
Given this early success with chlorpyrifos, we can expect an encouraged environmentalist and environmental justice
communities pushing the Administration
to identify additional chemicals to be
banned in California. The industry needs
to redouble its efforts to develop relationships with members of the new
Administration such as Val Dolcini, the

Acting Director of the Department of
Pesticide Regulations, and Secretary
of Environmental Protection Jarrod
Blumenfeld. We also need to reconnect
and reaffirm our credibility with members of the Legislature that have been
willing to work with us on our issues
in the past
As we look toward 2020, it is evident
that we face challenges that we have
not seen in a long time and will need to
increase our efforts to reach-out and
educate members of the Legislature
and the new Administration. In the past
PCOC and its members have worked
with Legislators, regulators and representatives from the environmental community to develop meaningful public
policy that balances public safety and
the continued use of certain materials in
controlling pests. The Healthy Schools
Act is the one of the nation's premier
laws ensuring the protection of students and was the product of PCOC
reaching a compromise with the proponents through negotiations. It was
due to the reputation of PCOC and
our members coming to the table with
solutions that lead to the compromise.
During the Brown Administration and
in previous versions of the Legislature
that had fewer Democrats, there were
fewer threats. Those days are behind
us and we must ready ourselves for a
future where we must be prepared to
tell our story and not let others define
us or paint us in a light not reflective of
our industry and its principles.
No one can tell your story as well as
you can and PCOC needs its members
to donate their time and experience
toward our efforts in the Capitol. Our
most important and effective tools in
advocating are the members of PCOC
and your authenticity. Looking ahead
there will be ample opportunity for you
as members to reach out and connect
with members of the Legislature and the
Administration. Our future successes will
be, in part, due to your efforts.

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