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Selecting that Deepens Learning hen an education program seems to be missing a certain something, it's easy to reach for technology to spice it up. Unfortunately, EdTech isn't the salsa you're looking for-it's actually the Tostitos, delivering that tasty learning. Technology has the power to enhance or derail your education programs. Choosing the right tech to deliver your content is key. What is EdTech? EdTech represents a growing global industry of start-ups and established corporations serving up the next shiny tool to enhance learning. Increasingly, the minds behind new technology products do not necessarily sprout from an education background, often resulting in a disconnect between tech and learning design. That leaves association pros on their own finding the best fit for their programs. And with so many options to choose from, how do you select the right tech for you? It starts with understanding what EdTech can and can't do for you. EdTech is the utilization of digital technologies to facilitate learning. It's not a magic bullet for engagement. In fact when poorly implemented, technology can distract from learning and cause disengagement. EdTech is more than the technology itself or the brands we associate with tech products. It's leveraging the unique qualities technology offers to deepen learning. 10 Three Options for Integration When we first wade into the EdTech waters it's typically to engage technology in a supporting role. The ultimate potential of EdTech, however, is revolutionizing how we architect education in an increasingly rich digital learning landscape. There are three roles technology can play when integrated effectively into learning design. * Enhance. We can employ technology tools to enhance a live learning experience. Tools such as audience response systems and polling apps infuse a program with interaction and quick feedback. BYOD opportunities to interact with concepts and each other while a session is being delivered add a layer of practice within a social learning context. Technology can bridge geographic locations expanding our content reach into the global classroom. * Augment. We can employ technology to deliver additional content. Flipped Ca lSAE's T HE E XEC U T IV E - M A Y/ J U NE 2 0 1 6 classroom and hybrid learning formats commonly use EdTech to augment a learning experience. Increasingly, associations are turning to EdTech to thread learning extensions - offering digital learning opportunities for exploration, assessment, and practice before and after live and online education events. * Deliver. We can employ technology to deploy content. There are a growing number of simple and sophisticated systems for creating your online classroom and delivering a variety of digital content. These platforms range from mobile apps to a fully loaded Learning Content Management System (LCMS) facilitating content creation, delivery, interaction and tracking from one handy portal. We now have very powerful software tools to rapidly develop timely and immersive learning specifically for digital delivery. Once you've settled on how you'd like to integrate technology into your education program, it's time to profile your requirements for the right tech fit. EdTech Success Profile Shifting our perspective from viewing EdTech as a novelty that will freshen up what we're already doing to enlisting technology to facilitate learning is an important first step toward choosing the right option. In order for EdTech to elevate the learning experience it's got to be central to the learning design. William Horton warns,

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