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Innovation, Technology and Change: The Future is Here Now By Jim Pelley N ew technology is born at the intersection of frustration and inspiration. Entrepreneurs frequently seek to solve a problem and then turn their solution into a money maker. For example, two young men cannot find an affordable hotel room in a major city for an important industry conference they want to attend. This becomes the birth of Airbnb. Literal translation: Air Bed and Breakfast. In just eight years, this company has grown from an idea based on a blow-up air mattress and unused living room space into a $24 billion market valuation. Crazy, but here's the fascinating part of their business model: Unlike Hyatt or Hilton, they do not own a single hotel or even a single sleeping room. They make money by simply connecting people who have extra space to those who would like to use it. Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and Couchsurfing (yes, Couchsurfing, don't even get me started) have launched the trend of borrow vs. buy-better known as the Sharing Economy. This lifestyle preference is driven mostly by millennials who typically shun ownership in exchange for experience without future obligation. It is critical to understand exactly what that means C a l S A E ' s TH E E X E C UTI VE - M A Y / J UN E 2 0 1 6 17

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Innovation, Technology and Change: The Future Is Here Now
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The Executive - May/June 2016