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AT A GLANCE TECHTOOLS Create the Ultimate Video Marketing Plan in 4 Steps I f marketing has shown us anything in recent years it's this: visual marketing is more important than ever. That's why some platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have become so popular over the past couple of years. One core area most associations tend to forget about when it comes to their overall marketing strategy: video marketing. When done properly, video marketing can really help you to spread awareness and engage your followers. Here's how to get started in four steps. 1. Create one full-length professionally recorded video. The first step for creating the ultimate video marketing plan is to create the actual video! If you think you can just grab out your smartphone and record on the fly, think again. Sure, smartphones have made it much easier (and more cost efficient) to record than ever before. However, the goal here is to create a high-quality video that people will want to share. It pays to hire a professional. 2. Upload the full length video onto YouTube. Think of YouTube as the main "home" for your video. This is where users will go to see the video in full-length in all of its glory. Make sure both your YouTube account and the video are well optimized. Your YouTube channel should have a properly sized and engaging cover photo, search engine optimized descriptions, and relevant social links. Similarly, be sure your video also contains a search engine optimized description, keywordenriched tags, and relevant links to your website and social sites. 3. Use a software program to shorten your video. Once you complete the full length version of your video, it's time to create a shortened version. You can use a variety of tools to shorten your video. Many marketers like to use Windows Movie Maker since it's so easy to use. However, another tool that may be even easier to use is TubeChop, which will allow you to shorten your YouTube video simply by copying and pasting your link and then choosing which part you'd like to feature. Ideally, you should aim to shorten your video to just 15 seconds or less so that it can be easily shared on other platforms including Facebook, Vine and Instagram. 8 Ca lSAE's T HE E XEC U T IV E - M A Y/ J U NE 2 0 1 6 BLOGSPOT Three Principles to Awaken Your Association Force Leadership H ave you seen the newest installment in the Star Wars saga: Episode VII "The Force Awakens?" One of the major themes in the Star Wars films is light versus dark, good versus evil. That same theme often runs through organizations. Light brings forth freedom and direction while darkness leads to restriction and a loss of vision. Here are three principles that can help your association to live and move in the light while avoiding making camp in the darkness. 1. Well-prepared association leadership will sustain your organization for the long-haul. Get out of the mindset that this is Chairwoman Sue's year or next year is Chairman Jack's year and they are to leave their mark. The growth of your profession, society or industry does not happen with drive-by one-year leadership. 4. Integrate your video with the rest of your marketing plan and promote. What do you do once both your full version and the shortened version of your video is complete? Many marketers make the mistake of just uploading it and letting it sit there. Yes, you do want to upload it across social media, but that shouldn't be ALL that you do. There are many ways to integrate your video with the rest of your marketing plan. For example, have you ever tried a Facebook Video Ad? Facebook is just the beginning of how you can promote your video. Did you know that you can also pin videos onto Pinterest? You can also embed your video into your blog posts and promote them on social media and through ads like you normally would. The possibilities are endless! Kimberly Erskine is a digital and social media marketer and guest contributor to Social Fish, the biggest industry social media blog for associations and nonprofits. To read more, visit

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