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These leaders have to take risks, be flexible and be life-long learners. They are there to lead-direct, guide, show the way and go in front of the membership. 2. Create a culture where leaders are free to fail so that the organization is more likely to succeed in the long haul. The dark side characters in Star Wars live under total control and manipulation. Often truth is mixed with a lie and their thoughts and feelings and actions are twisted and broken. They never recover from this. In your association if your staff and volunteer leaders never feel that they can make a mistake, they will burn out and quit. However, if they are encouraged to try things, embrace failure as part of their learning process, and feel free to make mistakes in a safe environment, then everything changes. 3. Leaders need authority that goes with their responsibility so that the organization's mission and vision succeeds. There is nothing worse than being responsible to manage and oversee something and not being able to make any decisions. Too often association staff leadership cannot make any moves without board or committee approval. This is a structure of distrust. Yet staff is held responsible for those decisions, not volunteers. Volunteer leaders, such as boards and committees, need to keep their work at the strategic level and their area of expertise-their profession or trade. They should trust staff to take their advice and make the right decision. Then hold them accountable for the outcomes. Volunteer leaders do not need to micro-manage the daily operations. BYTHENUMBERS Safety & Security at Meetings I n the wake of terrorist attacks like the one last fall in San Bernardino, California, meeting professionals are facing real concerns about the safety and security of events. While risk management is not a new topic for meeting planners, the latest issue of Meetings Outlook, a data report published quarterly by MPI in partnership with Visit Denver and IMEX Group, takes a deeper look at how meeting planners are reacting to increased concern and caution. 44% of industry professionals anticipate changes to the meeting and event industry due to the increasing prevalence and threat of terrorism. 48% of respondents expect the costs of meetings to rise because of the need for greater security. The TOP 3 MEASURES that meeting professionals are looking to take to increase security are to provide more employee training Jeff Hurt, executive vice president of education and engagement for Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, has worked in events and the non-profit arena for more than 20 years. Learn more and read the Midcourse Corrections blog at do more destination research regarding risk and add more security staff CALENDAR OF EVENTS 5% . As of March 28, 2016 MAY 6 10 12 17 18 18 24 15% 19% Idea Exchange Breakfast-Orange County Southern California Region LevelUP! Education Luncheon Bay Area Region LevelUP! Education and Happy Hour Capital Region LevelUP! Education Luncheon San Diego Region Executive Breakfast Capital Region JUNE 3 10 15 17 Idea Exchange Breakfast-Inland Empire Southern California Region Membership Development Forum Capital Region Executive Breakfast Capital Region TechTalks 2016 Hilton Sacramento Arden West LevelUP! Morning Education & Luncheon Southern California Region Communications Brown Bag Lunch & Learn Southern California Region View the full calendar, including webinar schedule, online at C a l S A E ' s TH E E X E C UTI VE - M A Y / J UN E 2 0 1 6 9

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The Executive - May/June 2016