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Maximum Lengths of
Videos By Popular Platforms
Pre-Recorded Uploads:
140 seconds maximum
Live: No limit
Pre-Recorded Uploads:
No uploads, only live broadcast replays
Live: No Limit

4. Use Video to
Highlight Vendors
Exhibitors and sponsors are a
critical part of the financial success
of most conferences. With video, you
can go above and beyond what you
promised them and give them extra
value and recognition! One way to do
this is to collect lots of short video clips
of attendees interacting with vendors
at their exhibit booths. Focus on shots
of animated conversations, meeting
and shaking hands, and engaging gear
demos. Or get even more creative!
At the California Special Districts
Association's 2016 Annual Conference,
I went around to all of the exhibit
booths and convinced the vendors to
give me 10 seconds of their best (or
worst!) dance moves! After gathering
the footage, I edited it all into a string
of 3- or 4-second clips set to the beat
of a toe-tapping song. The association
played it at the opening of the next day's
general session. It got lots of laughs and
was a huge hit, so don't be afraid to take
a chance and go for the fun!
5. Produce "News Stories"
from the Event
If there are notable things happening
at the event, such as the election of
the next year's association president,
create your own "news story" about
it. Have your communications person
be your "reporter" by doing a couple of
opening lines, on camera, announcing
the decision that has been made. Then
include a couple of video interview clips
with the president-elect. Finally, the
communications person can provide
a wrap-up line or two to close out the
package. When you post it to social
media, be sure to tag anyone who
appeared in it, so they are notified and
can share it out to their social networks.

Pre-Recorded Uploads:
45 minutes maximum
Live: 4 hours if you want the recording
saved; no limit otherwise
Pre-Recorded Uploads:
60 seconds maximum
Live: No limit
6. Do Livestream Broadcasts on
Periscope or Facebook Live
Livestreaming is, without question,
the biggest thing to hit social media yet.
With the rollout of Periscope in 2015,
and Facebook Live and Instagram Live
in 2016, this is where all social media is
headed. It is the only way to guarantee
that a large number of your Facebook
followers will see your Page's content,
because Facebook gives live video huge
organic reach, unlike run-of-the-mill
text or picture posts. And live video can
really create excitement around your
Here are some specific ideas on how
you can use livestreaming:
o Do a livestream before the event
starts showing "behind the scenes"
last minute preparation, and talking
about what will be happening at the
o Consider livestreaming one or two
of the conference sessions, with the
speaker's permission of course.
o Take live viewers on a walk through
the exhibit area and do impromptu
interviews with vendors and
o Get two of your organization's best
on-camera (or most entertaining!)
staffers and pair them up to host live
broadcasts throughout the event.
They can do back-and-forth chat
on what has been happening at the
conference or preview what is coming
up. They could also be hosts of a "talk
show" format following wrapup of
each day. During the show, a few
of the conference presenters could
discuss a specific topic of interest to
the members.
There's no question that video
can amplify the excitement, image,
and impact of your event and put it in
front of your members in a new way.

Ca lSAE's T HE E XEC U T IV E - M A Y/ J U NE 2 0 1 7

Basic Smartphone
Video Accessories
to Get Started With
* A video tripod. It doesn't have to be
expensive, but I recommend one that
extends to 72" so you can do stand-up
interviews and position the camera
at eye-level no matter how tall your
interviewee is.
* A smartphone or tablet mount for
the tripod. There are a variety of
mounts that will securely hold your
device and attach it to the standard
mounting thread on a tripod.
* A smartphone microphone. This
can be a wired lavaliere plug-in mic,
or a handheld interview mic. Note:
If you're using an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus,
they no longer have headphone/mic
jacks, so be sure you bring the short
Lightning-to-analog adaptor that
was included in the box when you
purchased the phone.
* An LED video light. This can be
a smartphone case with built-in
lighting, a clip-on LED light, or
even LED lights mounted on floor
stands to outfit an interview "set,"
depending on your needs.

I encourage you to make it a part of
the planning process for your next
conference. You may not "go viral"
with your first efforts, but you will
certainly be more visible, and that will
help communicate the high value your
association brings to its members.
Kerry Shearer, "The Livestream
Expert," is a Sacramento, CA-based
social media, web video and livestreaming
trainer, consultant and conference
speaker. With a background in
broadcasting, marketing, media relations
and emergency communications, he
thrives on helping communications teams
harness the power of live and recorded
smartphone video to reach out more
effectively. You can reach him at kerry. or visit his web site at Follow Kerry on
Twitter and Periscope @KerryShearer,
on Facebook at KerryShearerFan, and on
Instagram @TheLivestreamExpert.

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Force Majeure: When Can I Cancel My Contract With No Liability?
2017 Elevate Annual Conference
Chair’s Message: It’s Been an Education by Mike Mitchell, CAE
At a Glance
New Members
Destination: Los Angeles, Anaheim, Temecula, San Diego
Member Spotlight: Scott P. Leary
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