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AT A GLANCE TECHTOOLS Top Five Tech Tools from Tech Talks By Beth Ziesenis C alSAE's first ever TechTalks, held in June, gave attendees perspectives about technology for the association industry from every angle, from data security to data analytics and AMS to SEO. At the keynote session and a later breakout, the focus was on apps that associations can use to be more organized, collaborate better and engage with members. These five tools were audience favorites. 1. Waze Lost again? Waze is a crowdsourced navigation app that lets you know the traffic, hazards and police sightings that fellow Waze users are encountering on your route. 3. Slack If your inbox is overflowing with inter-office emails, install Slack for file sharing, threaded conversations and easy search. 2. Fancy Hands Let someone else track down your lost power cord from your last hotel. Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant service that outsources your small, annoying tasks starting at $30/month. 4. MileIQ Throw out the notebook you use to write down your mileage in the car and download MileIQ, which automatically tracks every trip and lets you easily categorize your mileage. BLOGSPOT Walking in Our Member's Shoes D o enough walking in our member's shoes? When was the last time we signed up for our own membership (or anyone else's)? When was the last time we just attended one of our events, not worked them? When was the last time we shadowed a sales person, member services professional or watched one of our webinars? When have we navigated our site with fresh eyes? We spend so much time serving we rarely have time to consume our own offerings. So many businesses and organizations blindly make things unnecessarily difficult for their audience because no one takes the time to walk in their shoes. Did you know that kids 200 years ago considered attics their personal playrooms? A few days ago I was visiting an early 1800's reenactment village. The path through one of the houses goes upstairs and then up, up into the attic. Up there in the relative gloom was an assortment of child's toys, a bed, and a sign stating that in many households children would spend the winter months 6 Ca lSAE's T HE E XEC U T IV E - SE P T E M B E R/ O C TO BE R 2 0 1 5 and rainy days up in the attic playing or even sleeping. Toys were strewn about with the intention of making it look like a child had just left (probably to go fetch water or wood for the kitchen fire). The effect was ruined however because of all the cobwebs, new and old cobwebs hanging off of the toys. No one on the staff, or no one who cared, walked the path their guests walked to discover little issues like these that wreck the magic. Often we have to travel the path that our members travel to look at the world, and our association, through their eyes. This way we can discover for ourselves all the ways we make things unnecessarily difficult and also plan how to make things easy, valuable and maybe just a little bit magical. Amanda Kaiser is the owner of Kaiser Insights LLC and author of She helps associations and member organizations grow membership, member engagement and nondues revenue through member research.

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The Executive - September/October 2015