Canada's Go Solar Guide and Directory - 2020 - 12

CanSIA Member Directory

Blue Mountain Power Co-op
Rocky Mountain House, AB
(888) 845-4616
Canada Green
Building Council
Ottawa, ON
(866) 941-1184
Dartmouth, NS
(877) 999-6035


Clean Foundation
Dartmouth, NS
(902) 420-3474
Continental Automated Buildings
Association (CABA)
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 686-1814
Solar Energy Society of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
(780) 443-7788
Southern Alberta Alternative Energy
Pincher Creek, AB
(403) 627-0244
TREC SolarShare Co-operative
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 977-5093


Altus Group Ltd.
Toronto, AB
(416) 641-9500
Altus Group provides real estate consulting
expert services to the renewable energy
sector. Our focused approach includes
property tax, geomatics/survey, appraisal,
cost and project management.
Vaughan, ON
(416) 802-8041
Compass Renewable Energy
Consulting Inc.
Toronto, ON
(416) 294-0803
Electricity, solar and renewable energy
regulatory strategic consulting services.
Net metering and on-site customer based
storage solutions, market analysis and
risk management.
Customized Energy Solutions Ltd.
Philadelphia, PA
Dillon Consulting Ltd.
Oakville, ON
(416) 453-0975
Dillon Consulting Limited is a national
company with 17 offices across Canada.
Our firm has fifteen years of experience
in the renewable power industry;
working under various procurement
and regulatory regimes. Our national
renewable energy team has experience
carrying out environmental, planning,
stakeholder engagement and engineering
related requirements for solar projects.
Dillon been involved in over 70
renewable energy project approvals
and approximately 4,000 MW of those
projects are now built and generating
clean power to the electrical grid. Please
contact Michael Enright, Dillon Consulting
Limited Renewable Energy Lead for more
information at or (416)
Dunsky Energy Consulting
Montreal, QC
(514) 504-9030

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Green Integrations Inc.
Toronto, ON
(647) 930-4336
Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 855-7600
The energy unit of Hatch has a
reputation for excellence acquired
over 90 years of continuous
service. Hatch provides power and
energy consulting, engineering and
management services to clients
around the globe. With more than
9,000 employees in 65 offices on
six continents, Hatch provides a
broad range of consulting, design,
technologies and EPCM services.
We offer services for oil and gas;
hydro, wind, tidal, solar and other
renewable power generation;
thermal and nuclear plants; as well
as electricity transmission and
distribution facilities.
Internat Energy Solutions
Canada Inc.
Toronto, ON
(416) 628-4658
J.L. Richards & Associates Ltd.
Ottawa, ON
(613) 728-3571
Natural Resource Solutions Inc.
Waterloo, ON
(519) 725-2227
Peters Energy Solutions
Calgary, AB
(403) 875-8984
Peters Energy Solutions is an
electric utility consulting company
specializing in project development,
grid connections, revenue and tariff
cost optimization.
Power Advisory LLC
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 680-1154
R.J. Burnside &
Associates Ltd.
Orangeville, Ontario
(519) 941-5331
Right Path Advisory
Maple, ON
(416) 697-8239
Research Council
Saskatoon, SK
(306) 933-5400
Solas Energy Consulting Inc.
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 454-9463
Sussex Strategy Group
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 961-6611


AltaPro Electric
Edmonton, AB
(780) 444-6510
Appleseed Energy Inc.
West Arichat, NS
(902) 227-8220

Arc N Spark Electric
Darlington, PE
(306) 203-4764
Arcadian Projects Inc.
Baden, ON
1 (888) 591-9010
ArntjenSolar NA Inc. (ACES)
Woodstock, ON
(519) 913-2346
Benoit Electric Limited
Beechville, NS
(902) 876-0904
Blackline Power
Owen Sound, Ontario
1 (888) 438-3005
CVE Solar (Crestview Group)
Calgary, AB
(403) 279-6661
Daisy Energy Inc
Ancaster, ON
(877) 352-0024
Determination Drilling
Taber, AB
(905) 531-3177
Efficient Electric Inc.
(902) 629-9611
Empower Energy Corp.
Grande Prairie, AB
(780) 532-3610
Calgary, AB
(403) 510-8932
Execon Roofing and Solar
Rockland, ON
(613) 882-3525
Freedom Energy Solar
Experts Inc.
Sicamous, BC
(250) 833-7664
Generation Solar Renewable
Energy Systems Inc.
Peterborough, ON
(705) 741-1700
German Solar Corp.
London, Ontario
(519) 457-7373
Go Solar Sask Ltd.
Lumsden, SK
1 (833) 727-5757
Goodstream Solar PV Center
Mississauga, ON
(905) 821-9000
Gravity Sun Power Corp.
Creemore, Ontario
(705) 466-5741
Graybar Canada
Halifax, NS
(519) 576-4050
Guelph Solar Mechanical Inc.
Guelph, ON
(519) 804-0757
Hakai Energy Solutions Inc.
Cumberland, BC

Isolara Energy Services Inc.
Ottawa, ON
(613) 738-2646
iSolara Solar Power was founded in
2003 by Warren Abar, a Professional
Engineer licensed in the Province
of Ontario. Over the past ten years
the company has earned its solid
reputation as one of the leading
PV System Integrators in Eastern
Ontario. Since the launch of the FIT
program, our team has installed
more than 275 MicroFIT systems
in the region with a mix of roof and
ground mounted projects. We have
completed 7 FIT projects and have
a further 800kW of FIT projects in
development. iSolara Solar Power
is a registered RET vendor with the
Ontario Power Authority.
Kawartha Solar
Little Britian, ON
(905) 424-0174
KCP Energy Inc.
Calgary, AB
(403) 800-3107
KCP Energy is a Solar Design and
Installation EPC company servicing
Southern Alberta and points beyond.
Founded in 2007, our mandate is to
help create sustainable communities
by providing education and highly
efficient clean-energy solutions.
Over our 12 years of delivering
innovative, turnkey solar energy
solutions in Alberta. KCP Energy is an
experienced full service provider of
sustainable solar PV solutions. KCP
Energy has installed well over two
hundred residential systems as well
as three of the largest commercial
rooftop systems in Southern Alberta.
We specialize in residential rooftop,
ground mount and mid to large scale
commercial rooftop solar systems.
M.B. Eye Electrical Inc.
Charlottetown, PE
(902) 892-8839
Saskatoon, SK
1 (877) 539-4448
Okanagan Solar Ltd
Kelowna, BC
(250) 801-9464
Otter Energy Inc
Picton, ON
(613) 961-9745
Phase 3 Electric
Ponoka, AB
(403) 783-2199
Polaron Solartech
Scarborough, ON
(647) 557-1207
Polaron Solartech Corp. is one of
the leading solar companies in
Canada. Started from the residential
solar market, we have helped
thousands of homeowners to go
solar with the best innovative solar
programs. We offer an all-inclusive
package that includes design
developing, financial planning,
installation and professional
maintenance. Our dedicated team
works tirelessly to ensure that each
step is accomplished with care and
precision so that you can get both
the quality of a good solar panel
system and the highest quantity of
savings with our plans.
Power East Electric
Brudenell, PE
1 (902) 969-9966

Powermax Electrical & Solar
Penticton, BC
(250) 276-4380
Powertec Solar
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 809-8703
Prowess Solar Power Inc.
Kleinburg, Ontario
(416) 335-8832
Renewable Lifestyles
Slemon Park, PE
(902) 436-7111
Rock Paper Sun Ltd.
Saskatoon, SK
(306) 290-1875
SkyFire Energy Inc.
Calgary, AB
1 87-SKYFIRE-1
SkyFire Energy is Western Canada's
leading solar contractor providing
turnkey residential, commercial and
utility scale solar PV systems. SkyFire
Energy has the best trained staff in the
industry with Professional Engineers,
Photovoltaic Technicians and CSA certified
Construction Electricians (NOC 7241) in
Solar Photovoltaic Systems on staff.
Skylit Energy Solutions
Kentville, NS
(902) 812-1050
Solar Ascent
Halifax, NS
(902) 225-3905
Sun Doctor Inc.
Emerald Park, SK
(306) 536-1785
Suncatcher Solar Ltd.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
1 (877) 441-2355
Terralta Inc.
Medicine Hat, AB
(403) 488-0404
Thomex Energy
Nasonworth, NB
(506) 478-3536
Toews Power Inc.
Kirkton, ON
(519) 229-6108
Tradewinds Eco Energy Solutions
Summerside, PE
(902) 439-6280
Unconquered Sun Solar
Technologies Inc.
Tecumseh, Ontario
(519) 735-1818
VCT Group Inc.
Kitchener, ON
(519) 279-4630
Vision Energy Inc.
Cabri, SK
(306) 587-3570
VREC Solar
Vancouver, British Columbia
(778) 869-8333
Watts Up Solar Ltd.
Wilmot, NS
(902) 308-1791
West Prince Solar Inc.
Alberton, PE
(902) 231-3001

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