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UNDERSTANDING FLOW | L'ÉCOULEMENT DÉMYSTIFIÉ 1 2 MARGOT YOUNG A QUESTION OF BALANCE DESIGNING A GOLF COURSE THAT IRRIGATES ITSELF - AND CONSERVES ITS WETLAND SETTING FR_RESUMÉ UNE QUESTION D'ÉQUILIBRE Au centre de villégiature Forest Lakes de Nouvelle-Écosse, l'eau de pluie sera récoltée pour répondre aux besoins des habitants et irriguer le golf. La démarche avait notamment pour objet de préserver les écoulements d'eau irrigant plusieurs complexes de terres humides importants sur le plan écologique. 1 + 2 FOREST LAKES COUNTRY CLUB: A MASTER PLANNED RESIDENTIAL RESORT COMMUNITY SET IN 1,700+ ACRES OF PRISTINE WOODLANDS + ENCOMPASSING A GOLF COURSE (ARTIST'S IMPRESSION OF HOLE 13) 3 STELLA WATER FLOWS 26 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES EN_ IF WE ARE to truly conserve wetlands in the long term, much more is required than simply delineating the wetland and establishing a preservation zone around it. Wetlands are intimately interconnected with the hydrology of their landscape. Conservation, therefore, requires a design response that is built upon ensuring the continuation of surface and subsurface water flows as land is developed. Forest Lakes Country Club is a master planned community proposed for West Hants, Nova Scotia. At build-out the project will encompass 2000 acres [809 hectares] and include up to 2700 dwellings, a town centre and a Nicklaus Design golf course. Geologically, the project is located on the flat tops of old mountains, and straddles the primary watershed divide in the province. In this hilltop location, there is no upstream flow to provide water for human consumption and golf course irrigation, limited downstream/ off-site flow to allow for the dilution of treated sewage and other site runoff, and significant groundwater interaction/ sensitivity. The landscape vernacular is an array of small hills (gravel and clay drumlins) set within a matrix of low lands and wetlands. The challenge at Forest Lakes was two-fold: to both find and develop a water supply for human use and golf course irrigation and, simultaneously,

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Returning the Tide
A Question of Balance
A role for the Applied Ecologist
WET Design
The Ballad of Frog Plain
Landscape Laboratories|Laboratoires Paysagers
1000 Acres in Essex
3 Wetlands: 3 Discoverles...
Fen and White Cedar
Ecological Landscaping
The Last Word | Le Mot De La Fin

Landscapes - Spring 2016