Landscapes - Spring 2019 - Intro

VILLE (Ductile Cast Iron)

COMBEE (Polyamide) Grating

Lived Sustainability:
(High Performance Concrete)
- Cement-bound mineral material
- Extremely durable, stable and UV-resistant
- Extremely resistant to frost, de-icing salt,
oil, gasoline
- 100% recyclable certified1)
- Certified environmental and energy
management certified acc. to ISO 14001 or
50001 at the location in Oberwang, Austria
- Tested by the IBR2) - safe in terms of
building biology
BG-BLACKLABEL® deco-line is our comprehensive range of high quality
decorative grates for our gutter/channel systems. Our products meet the
highest aesthetic standards and do the hard work with compatibility to
our FILCOTEN® HPC Channel systems. For more designer (standard/
customized) options of our Decorative Gratings range, ask for our
new BG-BLACKLABEL® deco-line brochure or visit our webpage

948236_Hydro_DM.indd 1

Verified LCA

(Life Cycle Assessment)

- Low greenhouse gas emission levels
- Produced using an exclusively green power
- Resource-efficient production process

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