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CAMPUS LANdSCAPES JOANNE PROFT + ROBERT MCINTOSH 2020 vISION: 3 UNIvERSITY LANDSCAPES 1 > FR_LP+ | VISION 2020 : TROIS PAYSAGES D'UNIVERSITÉS "you are not trying to reinvent [the campus]. you're trying to make it live up to its history." dONALd AINSLIE, PRINCIPAL, UNIVERSITy COLLEGE PROFESSOR, dEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHy UNIVERSITy OF TORONTO > BIT.LY/1R35K7V 22 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES UNIVERSITy OF BRITISH COLUMBIA VANCOUVER CAMPUS EN_ AFTER DECADES OF decline, the relationship between Canadian universities and their landscapes is changing. When they were founded, many of Canada's oldest and largest universities had grand physical plans, but in the decades that followed, the integrity of these underlying plans eroded through rapid expansion and utilitarian planning. Recently, there have been encouraging signs of reversal. Campus landscapes are being reconsidered within a broader context, as Canadian universities strive to create world-class teaching, learning and research facilities. New methods of campus planning place a high value on creating landscapes that are more sustainable, connected and accessible, and at their best, include animated environments which transform the campus experience for students, scholars and residents. Campuses are rediscovering a sense of place and re-valuating the public realm as a critical player in supporting and nurturing contemporary campus life. Achieving this broader vision can take decades, yet three campuses are taking ambitious steps to transform not only their landscapes, but also the way campus planning is conducted. The case studies below profile the three universities in different phases of evolution: The university of British Columbia (implementation), the university of Manitoba (Master Plan development) and the university of Toronto (visioning competition).

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Landscapes - Summer 2016

To Begin With
Our Writers
Spotlight on Schools
2020 Vision: 3 University Landscapes
Active Praxis, Hybrid Practice
Entangled With the Real World: Experiential Learning
Round Table
Les Jardins De MéTis: A New Landscape Lab Emerges
Vivarium: A Sky Condo
Getting Digitally Dirty: Improvisational Bricolage in the FABlab
Designing Play
A Smile on the Lips
How to Present a Successful Webinar
The Last Word

Landscapes - Summer 2016