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LANdSCAPE LABOR ATORy A NEW LANDSCAPE LAB EMERGES ALEXANdER REFORd EXPERIMENTAL PLOTS: THE INTERNATIONAL GARdEN FESTIVAL > FR_LP+ | PARCELLES D'ESSAI : LE FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE JARDINS EN_ LAST SUMMER, WHEN Les Jardins de Métis welcomed Pete North's third year design studio to the International Garden Festival, the Gardens gained a welcome dose of youthful enthusiasm - and a bit of loud music! For all of us preparing frenetically for the Festival's opening, the zeal of the MLA students was infective, and confirmed the wisdom of our new direction at Les Jardins. The Festival, which has been primarily oriented towards professional practitioners, is making a place for students. The students sampled the magic of Métis: the enormity of the St. Lawrence, the bird chants and floral fragrances, the flavour of rural Québec and its Francophone culture. 1 PHOTO MARTIN BONd AN EXPERIMENTAL PLOT Since its founding in 2000, the International Garden Festival at Métis has been one of the foremost venues for the exhibition of conceptual gardens by seasoned professionals and emerging designers. We've installed over 150 gardens by more than 500 designers over its 16 editions. The Festival serves as an experimental plot where designers can imagine, create and construct installations that are provocatively creative. PROVOCATIVELY CREATIVE In 2015, an installation prepared by university of Toronto students in the regenerative landscape technologies studio was to be part of the exhibition. The 2016 vol. 18_no. 2 41

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Landscapes - Summer 2016

To Begin With
Our Writers
Spotlight on Schools
2020 Vision: 3 University Landscapes
Active Praxis, Hybrid Practice
Entangled With the Real World: Experiential Learning
Round Table
Les Jardins De MéTis: A New Landscape Lab Emerges
Vivarium: A Sky Condo
Getting Digitally Dirty: Improvisational Bricolage in the FABlab
Designing Play
A Smile on the Lips
How to Present a Successful Webinar
The Last Word

Landscapes - Summer 2016