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A BUG-FRIENdLy RE-EdUCATION? LEILA MARIE FARAH, MICHAEL GOOd, MARK GORGOLEWSKI, JOHN HAN vIvARIUM A SkY CONDO HUMANS AND INSECTS: A SYMBIOTIC COEXISTENCE 1 The NyC Sky Condo idea competition, organized by the Architecture Workshop in Rome (AWR), invited proposals for a mixed-use project incorporating vertical farming, residential living and commercial uses integrated on a parking lot adjacent the High Line. Over 240 entries were submitted including the "Vivarium" which received an honorable mention. 2 FR_ VIVARIuM : uN CONDO EN PLEIN CIEL LE CONCOURS SkY Condo de New york, organisé par l'Architecture Workshop in Rome (AWR), a lancé l'appel à des propositions de complexes agricoles, domiciliaires et commerciaux intégrés sur un stationnement adjacent à la High Line. Plus de 240 projets ont été soumis, dont ce « Vivarium » primé d'une mention honorable. EN_ FOR MOST OF the modern history of their city, New yorkers have been at war with insects and bugs. We believe it is time to change that. The Vivarium proposal, our submission to the NyC Sky Condo competition, demonstrates how humans and bugs can coexist and how the latter can be a source of income, ecological regeneration, beauty and protein. 46 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES yes, protein! It surprises most people to learn that the Vivarium proposal has a food production component, but consuming insects is neither as novel nor exotic as it sounds to Western ears. Over two billion people, especially in the South, already supplement their diets with insects (according to an FAO paper by A. Van Huis et al.). Even in New york City, 16.6 per cent experience food insecurity, writes T. McMillan, in The New Face of Hunger, and the figure rises to 37 per cent in neighbourhoods with pervasive unemployment and poverty. A city as protein-hungry and diverse as New york can become a leader in incorporating healthy, sustainable, multicultural culinary practices.

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To Begin With
Our Writers
Spotlight on Schools
2020 Vision: 3 University Landscapes
Active Praxis, Hybrid Practice
Entangled With the Real World: Experiential Learning
Round Table
Les Jardins De MéTis: A New Landscape Lab Emerges
Vivarium: A Sky Condo
Getting Digitally Dirty: Improvisational Bricolage in the FABlab
Designing Play
A Smile on the Lips
How to Present a Successful Webinar
The Last Word

Landscapes - Summer 2016