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SCHOOLyARdS| COURS d'ÉCOLE ELISE SHELLEy DESIGNING PLAY 1 Is playground design innovation possible in an era of standardization? FR_ RESuMÉ DES STRATÉGIES DE « jeu naturel » exploitant la topographie même du site peuvent-elles nous épargner les terrains de jeu homogénéisés composés exclusivement d'équipements standards? Certaines villes canadiennes accordent la priorité aux préoccupations environnementales et concepts de jeu naturel. Elles ouvrent la porte à un retour des architectes paysagistes en tant qu'experts des terrains de jeu. Les sites compliqués nécessitent des concepteurs professionnels qui sont bien au fait des responsabilités environnementales de plus en plus strictes, mais dans la plupart des villes, c'est le budget qui est déterminant. Les stratégies de conception spécifiques au site peuvent être économiques. 2 EN_ IS PLAYGROUND DESIGN innovation possible in an era of standardization? Can cost-effective "natural play" strategies that use existing site features save us from homogenized play landscapes composed exclusively of equipment-based play? These questions are especially relevant in our schools, where there is incredible potential to shape playgrounds with natural play amenities and educational value. Playground design in Canada has morphed and changed until, today, playgrounds defined by generic play equipment and ubiquitous safe-fall zones are the norm. In Canada, any play-space that is publically owned and operated is officially labelled a playground and subject to annual inspection. The stringent Canadian Standards Association (CSA) inspection process, which targets structural integrity, performance and maintenance, has only been in place since the 1980s, but in that time has transformed the playing field. The inspection process privileges out-of-the-box playground equipment, pre-designed to surpass all prescriptive guidelines. Companies tailor their products to meet inspection criteria, making it easy for school boards to rely on them. 1 PLAy FOREST CONCEPT 2 OSSINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOL KINdERGARTEN PLAyGROUNd, TORONTO. 2014: SAFETy ANd EROSION PROBLEMS WERE TRANSFORMEd INTO NATURAL PLAy FEATURES | 1 CONCEPT dE FORÊT LUdIQUE 2 TERRAIN dE JEU dE LA MATERNELLE dE L'ÉCOLE OSSINGTON À TORONTO. 2014 : LES PROBLÈMES dE SÉCURITÉ ET d'ÉROSION ONT ÉTÉ TRANSFORMÉS EN ÉLÉMENTS LUdIQUES. PHOTOS ELISE SHELLEy 2016 vol. 18_no. 2 51

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To Begin With
Our Writers
Spotlight on Schools
2020 Vision: 3 University Landscapes
Active Praxis, Hybrid Practice
Entangled With the Real World: Experiential Learning
Round Table
Les Jardins De MéTis: A New Landscape Lab Emerges
Vivarium: A Sky Condo
Getting Digitally Dirty: Improvisational Bricolage in the FABlab
Designing Play
A Smile on the Lips
How to Present a Successful Webinar
The Last Word

Landscapes - Summer 2016