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LACF_FAPC REWARDING CURIOUS MINDS CURIOSITÉ PRIMÉE EN_ thank you! Editor’s Note: Cecelia Paine, LACF President, shared this letter from the 2013 student recipient of the André Schwabenbauer scholarship. Michele Campbell attends the University of British Columbia. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the André Schwabenbauer Scholarship. As a former Alberta resident from Athabasca, it means a lot to receive this award in memory of André Schwabenbauer, who was an influential Landscape Architect in my home province. This award is especially humbling for me because my grandmother passed away from cancer at the young age of 48 when I was only seven years old. The significance of receiving a memorial award that honours an exemplary person who courageously fought cancer is profound for me. I am inspired by André Schwabenbauer’s dedication to Landscape Architecture in the face of personal challenges and this award is a reminder to me to stay strong and committed to the positive contributions Landscape Architecture can make to society. I hope to be able to make meaningful contributions to the Landscape Architecture profession in the future and particularly within Alberta. I also hope someday to help other students who are passionate about finding solutions to the challenging problems Landscape Architecture addresses. 2013 WAS A landmark year for the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF). When LACF announced its grants in support of research, communication and scholarship, the full tally of projects supported since its founding surpassed a hundred. This year, LACF awarded $20,000 to seven professional recipients and two students. • Canada West –The English Garden & Landscape Heritage on the Canadian Prairies & Coastal BC, 1889–1999. When settlers came to Canada’s western coastal areas and unplowed continental grasslands, they shared a common European cultural, visual and literary heritage. Clive L. Justice, FCSLA, will turn his PhD thesis into a book documenting how settlers undertook to re-create their Eurocentric garden ideas in two very different regions. ($5,000, Gunter Schoch Bursary) • Out of Water – Design Solutions for Arid Regions is a book intended to serve as a reference for educational instruction and professional practice. Liat Margolis, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, examines key issues including the potential for design to integrate and reimagine water and sanitation technology and infrastructure. ($4,000) • Urban Livestock – Possibilities for City Food Production. Author and editor Lorraine Johnson will investigate the Urban Livestock Revolution, exploring precedents, and examining the ways that some North American cities are finding a place for livestock. ($2,000) • Gladstone Grow Op – Exploring Landscape + Place, a four-day event and exhibition curated by Victoria Taylor, explored new ideas in landscape design. LACF funds supported the production of the catalogue, showcased in the spring issue of LP+. ($2,000) • Trees for Vancouver – An exciting new app that will bridge the gap between the information provided in typical plant books and required by landscape architects. (Karin England, Douglas Justice, Daniel Mosquin, Steven Clarke, $1,000) Visit LP+ • Sonic Sculpture Research –Don Hill will continue his research into “sonic crystal” acoustic sculpture. ($1,000) • Primed Oil Sands – Landscape architects will be better able to participate in rehabilitation work in the Canadian oil sands if material is freely available. Fionn Byrne and Kyle Xuekun Yang are working to share legible information on the spatial and ecological transformations currently in progress. ($2,000) STUDENT GRANT RECIPIENTS LACF grants of $1500 also supported the thesis projects of two University of Guelph Master’s Students. Victoria Cox is developing a computer model to measure how much UVB a person will receive in a given landscape. Jonathon Epp will explore relationships between water and human adaptation in the semi-arid landscape of southwestern Saskatchewan, with a view to better balancing environmental and human needs. To make a charitable donation: Faye Langmaid, FCSLA, MCIP, Chair, LACF Annual Grants Programme. 18 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES

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Landscapes - Summer 2013