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NATIONAL MERIT | MÉRITE NATIONAL LE BELVÉDÈRE DU CHEMIN-QUI-MARCHE Montréal DESIGN CLIENT | PROPRIÉTAIRE CITY OF MONTRÉAL, VILLE-MARIE BOROUGH FIRM | FIRME ISABELLE GIASSON, GROUPE IBI-CHBA JURY COMMENT | COMMENTAIRE DU JURY : Very well detailed and constructed project. | Projet bien construit et très détaillé. EN_ The Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout is bringing people to the shores of "the path that walks". An abandoned industrial wasteland has become a riverside promenade that unites Montréal's Old City with the heritage landscape of the Old Port. The design is an expression of the site's history. Wooden docks, once mediators between the St. Lawrence and the city, are re-imagined in the decking of the boardwalk. Train lines that criss-crossed the site are evoked in its long oblique axes, including plants laid out in linear bands, Site furniture is inspired by the language of railways. While the majority of the park rests on the river embankment, the "rooftop" lookout creates a space that is suspended between city and river. Custom wood benches, each inscribed with a phrase recounting an historic event, are carefully aligned to connect the engraved stories with a specific view. As night falls, evocative lighting connects the Chemin-Qui-Marche to Old Montréal's illuminated streets. Special lamp posts with thousands of tiny perforations in the form of railway crosses illustrate the river's outline. Indigenous species evoke the spontaneous character of the site when it was wild. BENCH INSCRIPTIONS DATE FROM 1535 ONWARD; ON LAMP POSTS, THOUSANDS OF TINY PERFORATIONS IN THE FORM OF RAILWAY CROSSES ILLUSTRATE THE OUTLINE OF THE ST. LAWRENCE RIVER | LES INSCRIPTIONS DES BANCS REMONTENT À 1535; SUR LES RÉVERBÈRES, DES MILLIERS DE MINUSCULES PERFORATIONS EN FORME DE CROISÉE DE CHEMIN DE FER TRACENT LE CONTOUR DU SAINT-LAURENT. 30 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Landscapes - Fall 2014

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“Making a Landscape” … Excerpt
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Lake Effect – Harbourfront Show
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Hatley Castle
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Landscapes - Fall 2014