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Elgin Metcalfe King Edward O'Connor Nicholas Waller el By Elgin th 100 N 200m Nicholas l By Colone 50 abe Eliz Lisgar 0 Transit Vision Cooper Bus-LRT Interface Blocks BusOLRT AlignmentStreets (Optional) Transit Bus Transit Streets (Optional) Confederation Line Station Entrance/Access Confederation Line Station Entrance/Access Bus-LRT Interface Blocks Interface Blocks Bus-Confederation Line Cartier N Nicholas l By Colone 200m Cartier 100 eth 50 Elizab Cartier Cooper 0 Queen th Lisgar Bus Transit Streets Transit Streets BusBusTransit(Optional) BusTransitLine Station Entrance/Access Streets Confederation Streets Queen abe Eliz Nicholas l By Colone Queen Nepean Primrose N Cycling Vision Cumberland Dalhousie Colon Bank Gloucester Cambridge 200m Cooper Laurier Nepean Percy 100 O'Connor Bronson 50 Wilbrod Gloucester Slater t Slater Metcalfe Bay Lyon Kent Percy Cambridge Cartier 0 Cooper 0 50 100 200m N Street Cross Sections Illustrating two of eleven different streetscape treatments proposed for downtown Ottawa's streets. OLRT Alignment Line Alignment Confederation Transit Vision Plan Cycling Vision Plan - Study Area pace Alber Stewart Laurier Nicholas l By Colone Lisgar eth ess Off-street Facilities N Pedestrian Focussed Space Off-street Facilities Off-streetFacilities 50 100 0 Facilities 200m Separated Shared Pedestrian Focussed Space SharedLanes Line Station Entrance/Access Spaces Confederation Separated Facilities Separated Facilities Shared Lanes Shared Lanes Confederation Line Station Entrance/Access Confederation Line Station Entrance/Access Elizab N Lisgar Laurier Daly Laurier Queen Primrose Nepean Queen 200m th abe 100 Cartier Cartier 50 Cooper Nicholas nel By Colo en Eliz Que Cambridge eth 0 Pedestrian Vision: Public & Open Space Bank el By Metcalfe Elgin Bank Percy Elizab Cooper Primrose Nicholas l By Colone Queen Lisgar Lisgar UDS 2004) opment Site (DOUDS 2004) Welli Wilbrod Nepean Gloucester Nepean Laurier Albert Laurier Laurier Primrose ngton Gloucester Slater t Slater Nepean Gloucester O'Connor Lyon Alber Kent ngton Welli Laurier Laurier Sussex Besserer Sparks Stewart Bronson Cambridge Gloucester Albert Bay Elgin O'Connor Metcalfe Kent Bank Wilbrod Slater Laurier Percy el By Stewart Wilbrod Rideau Wellington Daly Colon Colon Laurier Mackenzie Nicholas Waller Nicholas Waller Slater George Slater ert Alb Laurier Queen Queen Albert Albert Wilbrod a River Ottaw Vehicle Access Vision Plan Besserer Sparks Daly Kent n gto llin We Rideau Wilbrod Wellington NATIONAL CITATION | CITATION NATIONALE Besserer Lyon Slater Bay Bronson Alb Bronson Pedestrian Vision Plan 1: Pedestrian Infrastructure lgin King Edward Metcalfe Cumberland Dalhousie George Slater a River Ottaw ert O'Connor Stewart Bank Sussex Kent Lyon Bay Elgin Metcalfe O'Connor Rideau Slater Mackenzie n gto llin l By Colone King Edward Cumberland Dalhousie Sussex Mackenzie Kent Bank Lyon Wellington Sparks We George Albert ues du centre-ville s & Open Space vehicles Transit Vision Plan transit cyclists pedestrians Cycling Vision Plan - Study Area Downtown Moves 25 Strategies with Guidelines to enhance mobility on downtown streets. Transforming Ottawa's Streets DOWNTOWN MOVES: TRANSFORMING OTTAWA'S STREETS wntown Ottawa represent the most significant public spaces Ottawa's Central Business District (CBD). These streets are d by over 100,000 workers and 7.8 million tourists annually. ttawa retained Delcan and The Planning Partnership to guide rban design and infrastructure renewal of approximately 30 km streets in downtown Ottawa. 1 Refer to: Vision Strategic Directions Identify Street Typology from: 2 Prioritize Objectives Based on: e Informed ecisions 3 Plan of Streets aluate Using: gic Directions ility Criteria Vision Plans Prepare Test Scenarios Using: Street Design Toolkit and Complete Street Design Solutions This study followed a comprehensive six-phase planning and consultation process that fostered meaningful stakeholder and public engagement through workshops and focus groups. Downtown Moves supports investment in complete streets in Ottawa's downtown to foster a lively, world-class, Capital City. It identifies ways to make walking, cycling and transit more comfortable and convenient by restoring a balance among all street users and directing streetscape improvements. The team developed a new 'Street Design Decision-Making Framework' to guide and simplify decision-making on the design of downtown streets and public spaces, and the "Pedestrian Level-of-Service" (LOS), a measure that ranks pedestrian comfort and freedom of movement on a six-level scale. These innovative tools can be replicated by municipalities across Canada. The study's "Street Design Toolkit" provides a variety of best practices in sustainable design, including bicycle sharing stations, sustainable planting and integrated accessibility for all. A series of 13 "Vital Moves" were identified and prioritized - these moves represent physical transformations to downtown streets in order to fulfill the Vision and Strategic Directions of the study. Downtown Moves was unanimously approved by the City of Ottawa's Transportation Committee and subsequently by City Council, Master Plan and Transportation Master Plan. Within one month of the approval of Downtown Moves by Council the City initiated the study's first 'Vital Move' with the redesign of Queen Street. By following the vision outlined in Downtown Moves, the City will be able to meet its ambitious target of 64% walking and cycling trips within downtown by 2031. PLANNING + ANALYSIS | PLANIFICATION + ANALYZE CLIENT | PROPRIÉTAIRE CITY OF OTTAWA The Planning Partnership owntown Moves: Transforming Ottawa's Streets Landscape Architect: Donna Hinde, David + FIRM | FIRME DONNA HINDE, DELCAN Leinster, The Planning Partnership THE PLANNING PARTNERSHIP 4 The 6-Phase Study Process JURY COMMENT | COMMENTAIRE DU JURY : Good process andMichael Ormston-Holloway Brett Hoornaert Bonne analyse, analysis with clear intent. | Team: Ron Palmer Robin Chubb Delcan: Ron Jack Ron Clarke Ana Stuermer précis. bonne démarche, objectif EN_ Downtown Moves guides the renewal of streetscapes, urban design and infrastructure renewal of approximately 30 km of municipal streets in downtown Ottawa. As well as setting out to enhance street environments, the study informs the City on how to best capitalize on the implementation of the Confederation Line light-rail transit (LRT), and seamlessly integrate stations at street level. The six-phase planning and consultation process engaged the public through workshops and a "Mobility Summit" lecture series that attracted broad participation. The planners also pioneered research into "Pedestrian Level-of-Service" (LOS), a measure that ranks pedestrian comfort and freedom of movement on a six-level scale. The final study included a Street Design DecisionMaking Framework and an Implementation Strategy, with preliminary cost calculations, which included prioritizing 13 Vital Moves. Within one month of the approval of Downtown Moves by Council, the City initiated the study's first Vital Move with the redesign of Queen Street. By following this vision, the City will meet its ambitious target of 64 per cent walking and cycling trips within downtown by 2031. 46 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES FR_ Downtown Moves encadre le renouvellement du paysage de rue, de l'urbanisme et de l'infrastructure sur 30 km de rues dans le centre-ville d'Ottawa. Cette étude cherche à améliorer l'environnement de rue tout en montrant à la ville comment profiter de l'arrivée de la ligne de train léger sur rail Confédération pour fondre les stations dans le décor. La démarche de planification et de consultation en six étapes proposait des ateliers aux citoyens et des conférences sur la mobilité. Les urbanistes ont aussi créé une étude pour mesurer, sur une échelle de six, le confort et la liberté de mouvement des piétons. Le rapport final propose un cadre décisionnel pour l'aménagement des rues et une stratégie de mise en œuvre avec un budget préliminaire couvrant 13 priorités. Moins d'un mois après l'approbation de Downtown Moves au conseil municipal, la ville mettait en branle la première étape, soit la refonte de la rue Queen. En appliquant le plan Downtown Moves, Ottawa atteindra son but d'avoir 64 % des déplacements au centre-ville faits à vélo ou à pied d'ici 2031.

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Landscapes - Fall 2014