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LACF | FACP 2014 LACF FAPC 2014 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CANADA FOUNDATION | FONDATION D FR_LP+ | LES BONNES QUESTIONS WHAT QUESTIONS ARE INTRIGUING LAs in 2014? The LACF awarded $20,000 this year to fund research, development, and communications initiatives in a remarkable array of areas important to the profession. How can Humphrey Carver's work inform our rekindled debate about the shape of the postwar suburbs? What luminaries guided the development of the profession in Manitoba? How can LAs better reach out into communities to share their expertise? "From farmland sustainability to urban pop-up parks, LACF is proud to support these projects that reflect the expanding role landscapes play in providing social, cultural, ecological and economic benefits to society," said LACF President, Cecelia Paine, FCSLA. THIS YEAR'S GRANTS: O  pportunities in Misaligned Grids: Enhancing sustainability of farmlands through designed agricultural patterns. Dr. Robert C. Corry, University of Guelph, who is also an active farmer, will evaluate southern Ontario landscape patterns, to develop approaches to integrate perennial land cover (woodlands, wetlands, grasslands, hay and pasture) into rural landscapes. ($5000) H  umphrey Carver and the Suburban Landscapes of Postwar Canada. The auto-dominated suburbs are once again sparking vigorous public debate. Steven Logan, York University, will examine the work of Humphrey Carver (1902-1993), who attempted to balance a suburban aesthetic with the demands of the automobile. (Gunter Schoch Bursary Grant, $4000) Drainscapes: Linking Landscape Research in the Public Imagination. Daniel Roehr, Matt Gibbs and Lindsey Fryett; UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and Greenskins Lab will make a short film to communicate the role of Low Impact Development (LID) in balancing man-made landscapes. ($4000) Sprout is a community engagement and mentorship program to connect experienced landscape architects and emerging professionals with community groups involved in public space development. Jon Woodside, Jeffrey Beaton, Victoria Bell, Adrienne Hall, Robin Mosseri and Inna Olchovski ($1,000) Winnipeg Architecture Foundation (WAM) and Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects: Update to "Making a Place". Monica Geisbrecht, Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram, MALA; Susan M. L. Algie, WAM, will build on the excellent earlier history (1998). ($2225) ( Three Masters students at the University of Guelph were awarded research grants. With current pressures on wilderness ecological systems, Chad Neufeld will develop a case study and questionnaire to examine the need for design and management to maintain the very "nature" backcountry users are seeking: Exploring Backcountry Wilderness Design through the User Experience in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. ($275) Mark Affum will study the gardens of James Austen Floyd, 1950-1970, to trace themes that demonstrate the emergence of modernist style in Canadian landscape architecture. (Gunter Schoch Bursary, $2000) Kathleen Corey will examine VIVA Vancouver's standalone Parklet Pilot Program, by comparing it to San Francisco's Pavement to Parks and examining one of the first parklets built under the Vancouver program, designed by PWL Partnership Landscape Architects. For information contact Faye Langmaid, FCSLA, MCIP, LACF Annual Grants Program,, Website: 64 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES

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Landscapes - Fall 2014