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CRITIQUE RON WI LLIAM S LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE IN CANADA READ BY SUSAN HERRINGTON LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE IN CANADA BY RON WILLIAMS > FR_LP+ | ARCHITECTURE DE PAYSAGE AU CANADA Book info: LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE IN CANADA By Ron Williams McGill-Queen's University Press, 2014 (English) Les Presses de l'Université de Montreal (Français) $65.00, 672 pages 354 images ISBN 9780773542068 "Williams is an experienced storyteller who knows exactly what will interest his audience." 68 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES ESSENTIAL READING Landscape Architecture in Canada is the first comprehensive history of landscape architecture in Canada, and it is a mustread for all Canadian landscape architects and students of landscape architecture. Organized both chronologically and thematically, this beautifully written and illustrated book captures the motivations behind the projects and people who have shaped landscape architecture in Canada. Williams deftly links centuries of societal change in Canada with the emergence of landscape architecture, demonstrating how the planning and design of landscapes both shaped and elaborated these changes. Williams also portrays the unique dimensions of Canadian landscape architecture - the early struggles to find plants that would meet the objectives of a particular design genre but would also survive the climate, the close link between the aspirations of the CPR and the creation of landscapes across the country, and Canada's early commitment to urbanism that continues today. In addition to being essential reading for landscape architects, Williams' thick concept of landscape architecture, ranging from vernacular design to professional design and from large scale planning to site specific details,provides a diverse narrative that will surely appeal to garden designers, planners, artists, and architects. A CANADIAN STORY Williams begins with the marked landscapes of the First Nations people who created sacred mounds and medicine wheels, and who established early transportation routes across regions of Canada, such as the Iroquois Path across the Niagara peninsula. Early settlers also shaped the land. During the 1600s, Acadian farmers developed extensive dike systems to drain salt marshes. With the development of Upper Canada and Lower Canada, Williams relays the striking differences in land allotment produced by rivalling colonists from Britain and France. Lower Canada subscribed to the elongated linear farms of the seigniorial tradition, while Upper Canada adopted the system of quadrangle townships - landscape patterns one can see today flying over Quebec and Ontario. A common theme revisited by Williams is the ameliorative role that landscapes have played in Canada's increasingly urbanized environments. As early as the 18th century, the streets of New France were planted with street trees. As Williams explains, Canada's early landscape designers formed the basis for the practice and theory of landscape design. The landscape designer Henry Adolph Engelhardt, for example, produced numerous cemeteries and parks and also the first Canadian book on landscape design, The Beauties of Nature Combined with Art (1872). THE RISE OF THE PROFESSION Williams reminds us that the development of large industrial cities in Canada and the need for major parks prompted the rise of the profession in Canada. Frederick G. Todd, who originally represented the Olmsted office for the Mount Royal project, opened his own office in Montreal in 1900 at the tender age of 23. Although young, Todd emerged as the model professional landscape architect - a nationally prominent designer and planner of parks and other civic landscape across Canada. By the 1920s, landscape architects

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Landscapes - Fall 2014