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URBAN DESIGN AWARDS URBAN DESIGN AWARDS 2014 CHERISHED DESTINATIONS IN THE MAKING >FR_LP+ this park will become a cherished destination to the inhabitants of Westminster." Pier Park earned an Excellence Award, as did five other projects, from Edmonton's EN_WHEN THREE OF CANADA'S leading Blatchford Redevelopment by Perkins and design professions come together to name Will to Thunder Bay's Jiigew (By the Water) the best urban design in the country, city beacons by Brook McIlroy Architects/SPMB. lovers take immediate notice. This year, Other award-winning urban places included Canada's Urban Design Awards honoured several CSLA Awards of Excellence winners - exemplary place-making in 12 cities, large Victoria Park Subway Station (p. 55), Pottery and small. Road (p. 40), Guelph's Market Square (2011), Calgary's Poppy Plaza (p. 28) and projects as TRANSFORMATIVE diverse as Toronto's 11 Division Police Station The Jury, chosen to represent landscape (Stantec, Heritage Architecture and gh3), to architects, architects and planners, looked Trois Rivieres Place Pierre Boucher and Platon for exciting urban design that builds richer Park (Urbanex division of Roche Ltd.).For a full communities - design that is sensitive and list, often transformative. Westminster Pier Park, for example, delighted the jurors with Two Special Jury Awards deserve special its rich programmatic elements, its diversity mention: City of Nanaimo for its Downtown of spaces, its elegance and materiality. The Urban Design Manual (D'Ambrosio Park, designed by PWL Partnership Landscape Architecture + Urbanism), and DTAH Architects Inc., was once a derelict brownfield. Architects Ltd. for Toronto's Evergreen Brick Now, said the Jurors, "One can already see that Works. (See LP Awards 2013.) PRIX DE DESIGN URBAIN "Every aspect of this (Evergreen) initiative makes it worthy of a case study - it did everything right!" wrote the jurors, Claude Potvin, Michael von Hausen, and Ken Greenberg, who represented the CSLA, the Canadian Institute of Planners, and the Royal Architectural Society of Canada, "...It delivered on all fronts: nature and ecology; heritage preservation and architecture; landscape and site remediation; energy and water conservation; and material resources. All of this was delivered with a process that brought the community together community interest groups, a multi-disciplinary professional team and an enlightened client." The jury found urban design across the country that is "generous and extroverted, that extends its reach beyond the confines of its programs and animates the space around it. For more Urban Design Awards: 1 70 LANDSCAPES PAYSAGES 2

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“Making a Landscape” … Excerpt
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Lake Effect – Harbourfront Show
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Hatley Castle
FR_LP+ | Poser Les Bonnes Questions
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Landscapes - Fall 2014