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feature Secure Your Data Companies Must Learn to Protect their Networks from Cyber Intrusions By Michael Fickes Has your IT network been hacked yet? Depending on how you protect yourself, it may just be a matter of time. Not long ago, a Connecticut construction company suffered a massive denial of service (DOS) attack mounted by hackers based in China. "The hackers were scanning users logged onto the Internet through a certain broadband provider," says Jon Platt, president of the Wilderness Systems Group in Milldale, Conn. "They were looking for networks to penetrate in a Connecticut city." 20 / CONNstruction / FALL 2015 A DOS attack is one that sends thousands of files that overwhelm a company's servers, effectively shutting them down. Other attacks begin with aggressive scans of a company's outside interface. The goal is to find and penetrate a hole in the firewall. The construction company was indirectly but still seriously affected by the attack, continues Platt, whose company provides network security services for companies. "No one could get out onto the Internet and remote sites couldn't get in," he says. "To stop the attack, we had to ask the company's broadband provider to block all incoming traffic from seven IPs located in three cities in China. The provider at first refused, citing the open commerce nature of the Internet. This was a brutal, unrelenting attack, however, and there were no alternatives. The broadband provider ultimately cooperated, and the attackers did not penetrate the customer's network." According to the FBI's cybersecurity website, computer intrusions by cyber criminals

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Striking the Right Technological Balance
Eyes Over the Project: Drones in Construction
Connecticut Moves to Modernize Technology
Technology Drives Lean, Adds Value to Projects
Machine-Controlled Equipment Improves Jobsite Performance
Secure Your Data
Intelligent Communication in Transportation
Is Your Construction Software Technology Up to Speed?
Young Contractors Forum Summer Membership Meeting and Young Contractors Forum Annual Charity Golf Outing
AGC of Connecticut Annual Golf Outing
Press Conference and 2015 CCIA Ethics and Compliance Summit
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