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MEET THE MHEDA's 2014 BOArD OF DirECtOrs bOARD MHEDA's 2014 Board of Directors and Manufacturers Board of Advisors (MBOA) 2014 is a banner year for MHEDA as the association is celebrating its 60th anniversary! In these pages, you can read about how the industry has changed and evolved in the past 60 years. We asked MHEDA's Board of Directors and MBOA members to picture themselves in the material handling business 60 years ago. What would they have most liked to know then that they know now - 60 years later? The answers we got were very interesting and spanned a wide variety of topics. See their responses and get to know this year's board and MBOA below as they prepare to help you in 2014! Scott Hennie MHEDA President President, Elite Supply Chain Solutions Strongsville, OH My perception is that 60 years ago, distributors and dealers built their businesses around the brands and products they represented. Today, I believe it is much more important to build your business around your customers' and prospects' business challenges. In the current business environment, a successful distributor is one who can pull together the right team, internally and externally, with the best manufacturer partners, to help the end-user/customer reach his goals and objectives. Mark Milovich MHEDA President-Elect President, Lift Atlanta, Inc. Decatur, GA The rise of the Internet and the ability to access information quickly, as well as tools like search engines, social media, email, etc., have changed the way and continue to change the way products are marketed and sold. I would have also liked to know how the growing amount of government regulation would have such an impact on small business and how overseas competitors would change the industry. Scott Lee MHEDA Treasurer President, Conveyor Solutions, Inc. Schaumburg, IL If I were in the business 60 years ago and could know just one thing about the 2014 material handling world, I would want to know about the INTERNET! The Internet has had a direct impact on the way we go to market, the tools and information available to our clients, our bottom lines, the commoditization of many of our products, and has educated the world about our industry. I would break it into two categories: products and services that could be provided over the Internet without client intervention and then "value added" products and services. Mark Juelich MHEDA Vice President Chairman/CEO, American Warehouse Systems Blaine, MN If I was in business in 1954 but I could be privy to certain "future" knowledge I would concentrate on lasting trends in technology. I would make sure that I was an early implementer of technologies that would be "tried and true" in 2014. I think this would cross all areas of business; material handling technologies to marketing technologies. I would focus on offering my customers the potential for highdensity storage and automated material handling systems, knowing this technology would be on its way in several years down the road. Sixty years ago most people couldn't conceive a fax machine much less the Internet or smartphones.  To think that someone could "shop" for equipment across the world and live on a hand-held device would have been something from science fiction.  Jerry Weidmann MHEDA Immediate Past President President, Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp. Brookfield, WI The greatest success we can have is attained by enabling our customers' successes in the direction of the future. The evolution of material handling runs parallel to the evolution of the industries it serves, the technological innovations of the times and the economic development of the world. Over the 60 years the MHEDA Journal | First Quar ter 2 014 17

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The MHEDA Journal - First Quarter, 2014