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AT WORK At wOrk Parts Manager Name: Jeff Wilson Company: Maybury Material Handling Location: East Longmeadow, MA Years on Job: 9 1. Technology At Maybury, we're very technology-based. Everything I do is tied to technology. Whether that's emailing, scans, POs, online ordering, or a litany of other things, it has made our processes much more efficient and this ultimately impacts customer satisfaction. Technology has also made it so much easier to access customers. I text customers and they text me. If they ever have an issue, they can instantly get in touch with me and we can get it taken care of right away. Even the inventory control process is stream lined though technology. I can't imagine going back to a card system. 2. Moving Up Prior to joining Maybury I ran a warehouse in Texas for nearly 8 years. When I came to the company, I originally worked on the Parts Counter. This helped me learn the business. From there, I began to run all of the consignments as the Consignment Coordinator, a role that I still perform today. Then I joined our CSR team for about a year before I was asked to run our warehouse. Eight months after that, I became the Parts Manager. Each position brought with it new challenges and has helped prepare me for my current role. W hen I came to Maybury Material Handling nine years ago, I didn't know much about the material handling world. I had warehouse experience, but I had to learn the industry from the ground up. I was hired as a parts specialist where I gained a great understanding of our Powered Equipment products and aftermarket services. Today, I serve as the parts manager for the company where I oversee a four-member team, 43 inventory locations, as well as our online ordering system. It is a job that requires a lot of patience and organization but it is vital to our continued success as a company. 3. Communication In my position, communication is everything. It's a challenge trying to find and keep the right balance between structured formal communications with employees like department meetings, one-on-one goal setting meetings and more informal day-to-day communication. The same is true with customers. That's something you learn on the job. I've had to learn how much contact people want and need, and adjust my approach. I've gotten to know the personalities and preferences of the people I'm working with. 4. Organization The first thing I do every morning is run my billing reports and make sure all of my invoices are ready to go for receiving. Then I make sure my technicians have the parts they need. Organization is key to my success. Running the inventories, making sure the billing and receiving is done, and overseeing special projects requires me to stay organized at all times. the MHEDA Journal | First Quar ter 2 014 31

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The MHEDA Journal - First Quarter, 2014