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HUMAN INFLUENCE RESOURCES How to Get People to Do What You Want Them to Do BY GARRISON WYNN, CSP I f this article’s title pulled you in, maybe you’ve recently realized that having a better tactic or using your (seemingly imaginary) charisma is not producing the influence you would have hoped. You’ve read the leadership and negotiation books and you’ve witnessed some disturbing YouTube videos that appear to prove you no longer need talent or a point to be in front of a camera. However, your all-consuming problems still remain: Your employees just can’t get the job done, your boss is a low-IQ narcissist and your 22-year-old kid has just told you “I don’t, like, see myself as, like, working every day at a job and stuff.” Could it be that what works for others in the area of influence will not work for you? Over the years, Wynn Solutions has done anonymous surveys with thousands of extremely influential people who have a proven track record of motivating people to do what needs to be done. From them, we found that some foundational (I can’t say “basic” for fear of offending a sensitive expert) ideas we often deem irrelevant are the root of influence. Here are those things: Are you proving to people that you see them as valuable? Have you told them that you appreciate their talent 50 MHEDA | and could not have done so well without them? That’s very different from just saying “Good job!” And it’s not as ridiculous as saying “You’ll have a job here as long as you want one,” which seems to indicate that they will definitely quit – it’s just a question of when. Are you being sincere, but emphatic with your adult child who still lives at home? These days, more than 50 percent of all adults 18-26 years old live with their parents. If you have an adult child still living at home, wearing your bathrobe and wanting to know when more food will be arriving, you need to be forthright. You might say something loving, but pointed, like this: “The only way other people will appreciate you as much as we do and offer you opportunities is if they see you as self-sufficient. So getting out on your own (which will involve you leaving this house, by the way) will cause the good things in life to come your way.” Letting them stay sends the message “We love you so much that we’re willing to sacrifice your ability to be a functional adult.” Being 32 and still living at Mom and Dad’s house is more than just pathetic; it’s creepy. Do you have extreme clarity? Intelligence is not enough. It doesn’t matter how smart you are if no one knows what you’re talking about. The average IQ for an executive is 104, which is lower than the average for middle management. But if you think your boss is stupid, remember that he’s just smart enough to be your boss! If you’ve ever been to a Mensa meeting (and most of you haven’t – no offense), you might have noticed a disturbing number of grownups wearing backpacks and a lot of crummy cars in the

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The MHEDA Journal - Second Quarter, 2013