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SOCIAL GROWING SALES MEDIA Search Engine Marketing Value Proposition How Big is the Opportunity and How Much Will it Cost? BY BRIAN BLUFF G enerating more leads is the first step to growing sales. In the absence of an ecommerce enabled website, an Internet marketer’s job is to use your website to drive leads. That grows sales and directly impacts your bottom line. There are practically as many strategies for driving leads on the Internet as there are Internet users, but one tried and true method is to get your website in front of a large number of qualified visitors. This article will: • Define how value is created through search engine marketing. • Show you how to determine how often people search for your products and services. • Estimate how much of that traffic you can capture. • Predict how much revenue you’ll generate and what you’ll spend to achieve those results. How is Value Generated Through Search Engine Marketing? Search engine marketing programs create value through a sequence of events: Increase the value of your search engine marketing program through better ranking, higher search engine click through rates, better content, and higher conversion rates. 1. A good search engine marketing program positions your website content on a search engine results page (SERP) in response to a search for a relevant keyword phrase. There are practically as many strategies for driving leads on the Internet as there are Internet users, but one tried and true method is to get your website in front of a large number of qualified visitors. 54 MHEDA | Search engine exposure can either occur in the ‘free’ organic search results or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising section of the SERP. 2. Someone interested in your products or services clicks your SERP listing. 3. Visitors arrive on your website, research their options, and gain or lose trust in your company’s ability to help. 4. Finally, the magic happens. Visitors fill out a form, call, buy something, or otherwise take an action that moves them further down the path toward becoming a customer. This frequently doesn’t happen on the first visit. How Many People Search For What You Do? There are two ways to estimate relevant search engine traffic volume. Run a test Google AdWords (PPC) campaign. This is the most reliable method because there’s more data to work with. You’ll be able to see the number of times your ads were shown (impressions) and reckon the corresponding impression share. Dividing the number of impressions by the impression share will tell you the total search volume. Then fund test campaigns with a reasonable budget and run them long enough to collect sufficient data. We find that manufacturers and distributors should budget at least $750 per month, and their program should run for at least three months. There’s nothing written in stone here, we just need enough data. Here are a few tips about setting up a test campaign. • Select your keywords and write ads to reflect your website’s copy. • Start broad, then tighten up the number and focus of selected keywords. Initially choose more general keywords. After a few weeks, you can pause keywords based on a poor click through rate (CTR) or bounce rate. Next, add modifiers and adjust constraints (max cost per click, geographic reach, time of day, etc.). • Test different keywords. Don’t be afraid of keywords with low search volume.

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The MHEDA Journal - Second Quarter, 2013