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NEW INNOVATIONS PRODUCTS Wildeck 4XLift The 4XLift from Wildeck is a 4-post VRC that includes Wildeck’s AutoSenz D-Series Overload Detection System that monitors motor current and stops the lift should a jam occur. The 4XLift is designed to meet ANSI/ASME b20.1 standards and meets all codes pertaining to VRCs. The lift is available in two capacities, the standard 15,000 lb. and the “high-load” 30,000 lb. The 4XLift comes equipped with a lifting motor featuring dual roller chains, a high service gearbox and alloy steel drive shaft. Additional safety features include an available CargoLok gate that encloses the carriage and an audible alarm system that sounds if the gate is left open or not properly attached. Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation System MCFA introduced the Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation system, which uses RFID technology to control guided Jungheinrich very narrowaisle forklifts within aisles of a warehouse. Transponders are placed in the warehouse floor at specific distances and are used to communicate with an RFID reader/writer in the lift truck to identify warehouse aisle locations and distances. The system knows its location within the aisles at all times and can be programmed to reach specific pallet positions. The Navigation System can be integrated into existing warehouse management systems. The Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation system can be used with all rail or wire guided very narrow aisle lift trucks. Morse Drum Handler is a power-propelled, power lifting and pouring, walkbehind drum handler from Morse Manufacturing. It offers floor travel speed of 3 mph, with a max empty travel speed of 3.6 mph, a drum lifting speed of 25 fpm, drum dumping heights of up to 10.5 ft., 11 in. and drum weights of up to 1,500 lbs. offers “dead man” braking safety and the MORcinch drum holding system adjusts to 22-to-23.5-in. diameters, with options for plastic or fiber drums and smaller drums. Dematic High Density Storage Solutions Dematic introduced three warehouse solutions for high-density pallet storage. Each solution is engineered to support production and distribution operations that need to receive, store and ship full or mixed case pallet loads. The Deep lane pallet storage on floor with AGVs configuration is based on a fork style AGV capable of staging pallet loads on the floor. Pallets can be stacked up to 24 ft. high in each deep lane. The AGV includes a periscope design to move the laser head above load obstructions and adjustable forks. The deep lane pallet storage in rack with AGVs configuration consists of deep lane pallet storage in a rack structure with Dematic’s satellite shuttle device to index each pallet in the rack. A fork style automatic guided vehicle (AGV) transports pallets to the deep lane rack structure up to 40’ clear height and deposits the load in the first rack position. From there the satellite shuttle device lifts, transports and positions the pallet in the deep lane rack. The Deep lane pallet storage in rack with SRM configuration utilizes Dematic’s shuttle device and software management and includes dedicated SRMs in each aisle. The MHEDA Journal | Second Quar ter 2 013 65

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The MHEDA Journal - Second Quarter, 2013