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CONVENTION TOP PERFORMERS SPEAKER Six Secrets of Top Performers BY JIM FACENTE P op quiz: Why are some dealers so much more profitable than others? Creative Sales Solutions, the company that administers the MHEDA Mystery Shopping and Sales Training program, has the answer. As a specialist in mystery shopping and sales training, Creative Sales Solutions (CSS) has mystery shopped thousands of parts, service and rental employees representing every major manufacturer. CSS found, without question, that employees of the most profitable dealers all possess a unique set of customer service and selling skills others did not. Top dealers understand profit, growth and increased sales all occur when employees possess and use these skills. Here are six secrets top parts and service performers use that not only increase sales but also enhance customer satisfaction. 1. The greeting - At the forefront of CSS training is mystery shopping, where trainers can learn a lot about an employee's commitment to customer service by how customers are greeted over the telephone. An average employee simply answers the phone with "Parts" or "This is Bob," which can create a negative impression with customers. On the other hand, top performers answer the phone by stating their names, the department in which they work and offering to help the caller. Ending an introduction with "How may I help you?" may not seem like a big deal but it sends a message to the 40 MHEDA | customer, "I understand you have a problem and I want to help you solve it." Offering to help a customer is magical and it builds instant rapport. CSS has mystery shopped nearly 2,000 parts, service and rental employees at businesses throughout North America. While some employees state their names, few expand the greeting to include the department in which they work and most fail to offer to help - and help is why people call a business. 2. Power Questions - CSS has found that power questions - questions that yield insight into a customer's problem - are used by top performers to build strong customer relationships. The first power question asked by top performers is, "May I ask you a couple of questions?" What makes this so powerful is that customers notice sincerity. When employees ask valid questions about a customer's situation, it shows they are focused on helping to solve it. When top performers receive the goahead to ask additional questions, they follow-up with a series of diagnostic and information-gathering questions to identify and solve the problem. This is how top performers gain instant credibility with customers. Top performers understand that establishing credibility is a vital first step in developing lasting relationships with customers. They also know that power questions are the building blocks that show customers your business is genuinely interested in their problems. 3. Offering additional parts and repairs - When a customer calls an equipment dealership about a part or to have something repaired, top parts performers always offer additional parts that could be needed for the job and top service performers always ask, "Other than this problem, are you having any other problems with the equipment?" This strengthens your relationship with your customers in three ways: 1. It shows customers that your employees want to be helpful and are concerned about their problem. 2. It prevents the customer from working on the equipment only to discover additional parts are needed to complete the repair.

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The MHEDA Journal - Second Quarter, 2014