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ChairmaN'S pURposE pErSpECTivE sCott lee 2016 MHEDA CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD @ScottLeecSI B Working On Your Business, Not In It y the time you sit down to read the second quarter MHEDA Journal, the holidays will be a distant memory. Most of us are welcoming the promise of longer days and warmer weather. I know the official start of the New Year was January 1st. However, I like to think of the first days of spring as my kick off to the New Year. This is especially noticeable the further north you live. There's a buzz in the air and people are excited about coming out of hibernation. We are reminded the big orange thing in the sky can also provide warmth, not just light! By this time of the year, many of us are also getting our arms around how 2016 may play out on the business front. Did we forecast sales properly? Allocate funds appropriately during the budget process? Invest in the best growth strategies? While we all know we've been in one of the longest economic recoveries, the scars from 2007-2009 still lay close to the surface. These scars are a daily reminder of what can happen if we aren't diligent about even the most simple business decisions. One of the things I've noticed over the last few years is the actions we've adopted since 2009 have become habitual. Everyone is so laser focused on recovery, success, and keeping expenses low, that many of us haven't allowed ourselves to stop, take a breather, and look around to see what's really important. If you haven't allowed yourself to take a step back, out of the daily grind, I'm officially giving you permission to do so! Open your calendar and block out 2-3 hours and label it "Purpose." Now, do this at least three more times throughout the balance of 2016. While you may need to reschedule this event, you are not allowed to remove it from your calendar. It's too important. The time you spend on this event may actually be the most rewarding and meaningful to both you personally, as well as your business. I can promise you, you will not be fired, the business will not fail, your banker won't call to complain, the people who work with you won't think you're crazy. Just do it! The first time you proactively clear your plate and make time to focus on your purpose, it won't be easy. It takes a while to clear your mind of all the other "things." However, you'll quickly feel a calming sensation. Everything that seemed urgent or important quickly fades into the background. New ideas and feelings come rushing to the forefront. So many in fact, you'll find yourself scrambling to write everything down. This is what I describe as working "on" your life and not "in" it. You see, we have to give ourselves permission to take a break to reevaluate our purpose, both in our personal lives, as well as business. There's no wrong answer as you go through this process. You may find yourself focusing on your family, friends, customers, employees, leadership, or your community. They are all important but, peak at different times throughout our lives. When you go through this process, you will quickly find yourself full of energy you didn't know you had. The primary source for this energy is Passion! All of us are in our "happy place" when we're focusing on our passion. It provides a never ending source of energy. Others feed off it and want to be part of it. When this happens, no matter what position you hold in your family or company, you now become a positive leading change agent in the culture. You will be responsible for a culture shift. If you haven't given yourself the permission, schedule it now. And if you're looking for guidance, stop reading this article, get on line, and sign up to attend MHEDA's 2016 convention near Washington D.c. The theme of the convention is Passion with Purpose! Attending this event will not only set you on a new course, it will give you some new tools, ideas, and opportunity to network with others pursuing the next level of purpose. can you picture a better time to be in the Washington D.c. area? The city comes alive in the spring. You'll be in the center of a community taking part in what should be one of the most exciting and entertaining elections in quite some time. Our convention chairman Buddy Smith, his wife Patty, along with the MHEDA staff, has planned an incredible event. I invite you and all your peers to join us. Please take this time to stop, think, revaluate, and act, with Purpose and Passion!  The MHEDA Journal | Second Quar ter 2 016 11

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The MHEDA Journal - Second Quarter, 2016