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@WORK Robert Bond Company: Tri-Lift Nc Title: Regional Sales Manager Years on Job: 3 T ri-Lift North carolina is a third-generation owned family company. My grandfather started the business in the 1960s and my father and mother currently run the company. My brother and I both work in the business and we have two younger siblings who will be joining the company soon. I have worked part-time in the company since I was 14 and have worked full-time for the past three years, since I graduated from the University of North carolina Wilmington. currently, I am responsible for covering the sales and marketing efforts for the charlotte market covering the western half of North carolina and about half of South carolina. Learning the Ropes When I first came into the business, when I was 14, I started working in the parts department doing inventory and stocking the parts warehouse. From there, I went into service. I shoveled out steam pits, helped organize the shop and helped out with the technicians. I also spent time in the rental department, organizing trucking and rental contracts. While I was in college, I put together a 12-month e-marketing plan. Once I graduated college and came to the company full-time, I came in as a sales coordinator. After two years, I was moved into my current role as Regional Sales Manager. If I didn't have that experience in the outside departments, I wouldn't have been able to move as quickly as I have after I graduated. All of the departments intertwine with each other and you have to have a working knowledge of the entire company to be successful. Multiple Hats Working in a family-run business, we're required to be a jack-of-all-trades. You can't just compartmentalize, you have to sometimes cover several different departments. In my role, I oversee sales administration and operations management, oversee the sales force incentive programs and take part in the strategic sales planning and department forecasting. I also help our sales team generate proposals and format them to go out to customers. On the marketing and IT side, I have launched several websites and maintain those sites with search engine optimization and structured back links. I also help maintain and grow our e-newsletter and marketing database as well as put together market strategy research. Communication Something I've learned quickly is that constant communication is one of the most important things. In sales, things can go wrong and the easiest way to solve issues like that is to maintain communication. The last thing that salespeople want to do is give negative news to a customer but if you dodge giving the news, all you've done is allow the problem to grow and fester. So a strong line of communication is essential. Tech Tools Working in both sales and marketing, there are many indispensible tech tools that I use. First and foremost, our cRM system is critical. Last year, we implemented a new remote server called Sales Rep Assistant that aids in quote generation. And for website development and maintenance, content Management Systems like Word Press are great. It used to be that you could write 10,000 lines of HTML code to generate a single page. Now there are templates and drag and drop builders that make it so much easier and less time-consuming. The MHEDA Journal | Second Quar ter 2 016 29

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The MHEDA Journal - Second Quarter, 2016