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CONvENTiON WoMEn in bUsinEss SpEaKEr Women Mean Business W BY JUDY HOBERMAN hen I think about the world of business today, it's hard to have a conversation that isn't focused to some extent about women. Is it that women are the "hot" topic of the day? Is it that women are once again in the "bra-burning" phase? Or is there something more concrete we should be paying attention to? The world is changing and so is our economy. One that was once based on transactions has morphed into one based on relationships. Whether you are a man in business or selling to women, or a woman selling to or being sold to, we are all working with a market that influences over 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions... WOMEN! No matter how much we fight change, today's business model needs to do just that...change! Convention Speaker 52 MHEDA | Let me share some facts...Women are now 50% of the workforce. Women earn 57% of all college degrees and 60% of all graduate degrees, women now account for influencing 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions, including everything from autos to health care, and spend about $5 trillion annually. Women are more likely to provide repeat business and to refer friends and family-92% of women pass information and refer others. Women have some inherent qualities that make them the perfect candidates for business; relationship building, multitaskers, nurturers, care-givers, organizers, good listeners and the list goes on and on. Let's zero in on women and their relationship skills in the business world. * Women are opportunity experts and see opportunity in everything and everyone and inspire others to do the same. * Women are networking professionals. They meet people and important part of relationship building. They look for quality and not quantity in a room full of people and want to make a difference in the lives of the people they meet. * Women are specialists at cultivating relationships that are purposeful, genuine and meaningful. They focus on growing healthy, long-lasting relationships. They are masters at connecting people and can identify and strengthen business opportunities with their attention to details. * Women are natural givers not only to people but to their communities. Many non-profits are run by women because they want to promote a cause and bring attention to those that need help. Women are great at lifting and inspiring others. The bottom line is this...women are socially conscious leaders that serve to cultivate innovation and initiative for both themselves and others. It isn't a secret that the fastest growing sector of small business owners in America are women. Remember, no one can copy your relationship with your customer or colleague. They can have all the competitive intelligence that is available, but no one can actually copy that relationship. For women, collaboration is key. Women tend to seek agreement and work at being more collaborative. We've moved from cooperation to collaboration. The days of working in silos are behind us. Passion counts. When women are excited and passionate about a product, a service, a company, or whatever they are doing, they become extremely driven from that emotion and they tend to refer that to others...remember, that is 92% of the time. As Patricia Fripp said, "You don't close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term successful enterprise."

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The MHEDA Journal - Second Quarter, 2016