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SALES & PERFORMANCE MARKETING Professional Skills for Material Handling Distributor Sales Managers BY GARY T. MOORE I n the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross, actor Alec Baldwin portrays a hard-nosed sales manager. His basic sales management skill is to threaten and intimidate salespeople! In the 1934 Thomas Wolfe novel You Can’t Go Home Again, a sales manager’s only apparent skill is cheerleading. At the end of an emotional sales speech, he faces the sales force, points to a map, and 50 MHEDA | shouts, “There’s your market boys! Go out there and sell them!” While the “non-selling” public may accept these stereotypes, distribution sales management professionals know sales force intimidation is not effective; and cheerleading, while it may have its place, won’t get the job done. Success for distributor sales managers requires professional management skills. Sales Managers’ Measures of Performance Material handling distributor sales managers face “real time” performance demands. Performance criteria typically include one or more of the following: total sales and sales growth; acceptable gross margins; sales goals by product line; sales of targeted or premium products; penetration of existing and target

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The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2013