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HUMAN WORK /LIFE BAL ANCE RESOURCES Increase Your Engagement & Balance Your Life BY STEVE MCCLATCHY W ork/life balance is one of the most elusive and sought after values in business today. Employers recognize that out of balance or burned out employees can impact morale, engagement, attendance, productivity, retention, quality and even customer satisfaction so the stakes are high. With so much at stake, why has work/life balance been so hard to figure out? The problem is that balance is not something that can be provided as part of a benefits package. One organization can’t offer more work/life balance to its employees than another. Employers can offer a more flexible work schedule, child care, financial services, etc., but these things can only help you manage life more efficiently; they won’t give you the feeling of balance. If balance is a feeling that comes and goes throughout our careers, what is it specifically that creates the feeling? Think of the last time you had the thought that your life is better today than it was yesterday. Maybe it was a graduation, a new job offer, a promotion, a new client, an award, a magazine or TV appearance, a great vacation, running a marathon, hosting a great party, a new relationship, a new volunteer opportunity, helping a child with a new milestone, solving an old problem with a fresh new thought, even just getting a great workout or receiving a compliment on a job well done. These are times when you felt balanced. You worked toward a goal and your hard work produced real results and made an improvement in your life. Movement in our lives is what creates the feeling of balance. At the end of the day it offers peace of mind that we have not just wasted or passed time, but that we have invested in it. This is a different understanding of balance. Balance is a feeling you Balance comes from pursuing and achieving goals, rather than continuing to put forth effort toward maintenance or just aging through another day. The MHEDA Journal | Third Quar ter 2 013 59

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The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2013