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SALES & PROFESSIONAL REL ATIONSHIPS MARKETING Personal/Professional Relationships With Customers BY GARY MOORE W hen I entered industrial sales from an engineering background, I assumed if I just showed the customer the features, advantages and benefits of my product, they would get the point and buy from me with maybe just a little price negotiation. Even before Excel, I thought it was all about the spread sheet. When I heard veteran salespeople talk about relationships with customers, I assumed this was some sort of exceptional golf course buddy-buddy friendship that could be overcome with, well, a better spread sheet, more features and a good price! As a sales veteran, I now understand the critical importance of what I call "personal/professional" relationships 66 MHEDA | with customer decision influencers. "Personal," because, by their very nature, all relationships between individuals are personal. "Professional," because relationships with most customers are different from friendships. They are personal relationships on a professional level. These relationships are based on mutual respect: respect for the responsibilities of both salesperson and customer; respect for each other's time; respect for ethics; respect for the interests and style of each (particularly the customer); and respect for the importance of clear benefits of these relationships for both persons and their companies. In this article I'll explore the benefits of these relationships to both seller and customer; how a salesperson can build and maintain these relationships with customer decision influencers; some key factors in these relationships including how they often trump business advantages, and how they differ from friendships. Benefits to Salespeople Building personal/professional relationships with customer decision influencers takes time and energy. Why bother? Strong personal/professional relationships give salespeople: *  ccess to opportunities, facilities, A other decision influencers, information ("Gary, here's our next project. Let me show you our storage area. I'll introduce you to my boss. Here's our list of key parameters, etc.") *  econd chances ("Bill, your proS posal is out of line with what we're looking for and with what others have submitted. Can you resubmit with...?") *  oaching ("Amy, your presentation C did not address our Safety Manager's concerns. I recommend you go see him and...")

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The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2014