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MONEY INDUSTRY REPORTS MATTERS Design of the MHEDA DiSC Report The Helicopter View P BY ROBIN CURRIE eople-every equipment distribution company's best asset. Your staff also can pose your company's biggest challenge. One way to best understand your employees is to gain some knowledge about Karl Jung and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. These theories assist us in learning about ourselves and others through 1 of 16 four-letter type references. The most common of the 16 type combinations is "ESFJ", which accounts for 12.3% of the total population. The significant letter to recognize here is the perceiving function identified with the "S" abbreviation. This indicates, according to the Myers-Briggs Model, a "Sensing" type, or one who prefers to focus on tangible facts and real, verifiable data. Although the "ESFJ" type is only 12.3% of the population, the overwhelming majority of people, when assessed, report a preference for information gathering that is based upon literal and present realities. In fact, the "S" factor can be found in 73% of the total population. Sensing types generally tend to want practical data, build their conclusions carefully, are pragmatic, look to the "bottom line," and rely on experiences over theories. Think of the phrase, "If it's not broken, don't fix it." Does that sound like you? As a dealer principal or an executive in an industrial equipment distribution enterprise, you are in good company. The profile of the typical dealer principal and executive that Currie Management Consultants, Inc. works with is "ISTJ." Studies have shown that 11.6% of the population are considered "ISTJ" types, and 15.2% of all managers are believed to assess as "ISTJ's" as well. The additional indicators (I, T, and J) can be explained in subsequent articles, but for now let's connect what we now know about the dealer principal type, the "ISTJ", and how it relates to the annual MHEDA DiSC Report. Hopefully you have your copy handy for reference. Why the "S" type is important. The people in this category are described by type professionals as facilitators, caretakers and committed builders. "S" types, and particularly "ISTJ" types, are further described as having a sense of duty, being organized and methodical in their approach to the workplace, and having a respect for the law and tradition. But what many of Currie's Dealer Principal clients have also demonstrated is the The MHEDA Journal | Third Quar ter 2 014 81

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The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2014