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EMERgINg COMMUNICATION LEADERS How To Talk To Someone Significantly Younger or Less Experienced Than You Having it both ways - a successful business and a happy family. A BY JEFF HAVENS, EMERGING LEADERS CONFERENCE PRESENTER las, you probably work with people a whole lot younger than you are. Your company, in its depressingly finite wisdom, gave these children a chance to play at being grownups. They haven't been working for very long - a couple years maybe, possibly even less - and their inexperience offends you. They think they know everything, when in fact their ignorance of how things really work is so vast they should be constantly embarrassed by it. But nothing embarrasses them, does it? They could trip over the legs of their baggy pants and fall face-down in the atrium of your building, and they'd probably just take a selfie of it and post it to their social media sites before bothering to stand up - or pull their pants all the way on again. EmErging LEadErs ConfErEnCE spEakEr Complete Details on pages 75-78 62 MHEDA | However, in all likelihood you're going to be stuck with them for a while. Young people have the supremely annoying habit of not recognizing when they're not wanted, and many of them have fallen prey to the siren call of a paycheck and the things it allows them to purchase. They'll be working right next to you until the siren call of retirement becomes too powerful to resist any longer. Now you're welcome to hate these people for the rest of your career. You can roll your eyes at their misplaced enthusiasm, grumble about their idiotic ideas, and seethe quietly as they consistently fail to talk about their minor aches and pains. You can exclude them from sitting at your lunch table and accidentally forget to invite them to happy hour after work. If you wish to end your professional career as a semi-recluse, it's completely within your power to do so. But if you want to act like the grownup you've pretended to be for so long, here is a step-by-step process to help you bridge the gap between you and anyone significantly younger or lessexperienced than you are: Step 1: Expect Some Impatience from Them Young people have forever been impatient, and new employees - especially good ones - are naturally eager to prove themselves. This is a quality you had as well when you were their age, although most of us eventually forget that we were ever impulsive and headstrong 22-year-olds. ("Surely I wasn't

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The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2015