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EMERgINg C O M p E T I T I V E ADVANTAgE LEADERS The Other Competitive Advantage BY BRANT MENSWAR, EMERING LEADERS CONFERENCE SPEAKER A s a young leader in the material handling industry, you recognize the need for a detailed and well-defined process. It is the very nature of your business. In fact, the better your process, the more often it becomes the competitive advantage that separates you from the pack. We feel the same way when we approach collaboration. EmErging LEadErs ConfErEnCE spEakEr Complete Details on pages 75-78 70 MHEDA | A recent article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out the "downside to collaboration" citing recent research at Boston University's Questrom School of Business. According to the study, "collaboration sometimes hinders problem solving because individuals in big groups tend to parrot one another, resulting in a narrow set of solutions." The findings of this study echo the reasons why companies are struggling with the collaborative process. Collaboration needs structure. In fact, as an organization that helps companies operationalize the collaborative process, we would define collaboration as: A process governed by an agreed upon set of norms and behaviors that maximize individual contribution while leveraging the collective intelligence of everyone involved. Finding a group of people that "parrot one another" is no surprise when people do not know where the lines are drawn. How far can I go? Can I be critical? Do I have a voice in the matter? Will my input be

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The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2015